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Is Big Jook Arrested?

Are You Wondering If Big Jook Was Arrested – This has become a hot topic since news of Hernandez Govan’s arrest for murdering Memphis rapper Young Dolph spread. Here, discover more information on Jooks Net Worth, Age, Height, Family & more!

He is best-known for his numerous business ventures and as co-founder of Cash Money Records, as well as being the richest rapper with an estimated net worth of $150 Million.

Early Life and Education

Johan Forsby aka Jooks, known for his signature style of hip hop rap music, was born March 5, 1980 and signed to ArtPeople record label. He is best-known for rapping about his mother (known as “Momma”) as well as having close ties with both of his siblings; yet has maintained their privacy during interviews and family gatherings.

Recently, GloRilla and other CMG artists have been celebrating on social media their successes; he may be implicated in Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s murder investigation.

Professional Career

Big Jook, Yo Gotti’s brother, has long been part of the rap scene. Though generally private about his personal life, there remains some mystery around his relationship with his mother.

Following Memphis rapper Young Dolph’s tragic shooting death in November 2021, speculation abounded about Yo Gotti and his crew being involved. Since then, more suspects have been arrested; most recently there has been an image that depicts Big Jook sitting next to Hernandez Govan – another suspect involved with this murder case.

Big Jook remains innocent and has distanced himself from Yo Gotti’s camp, opting instead to focus on his career and assist CMG artists like Big GloRilla.

Achievement and Honors

Big Jook has experienced steady success since signing to ArtPeople Records. His artistic abilities and creative lyrics have won praise from critics as he received various awards and honors for his music.

Jook has also made it a point to help promote other CMG rappers like GloRilla by posting congratulations and other messages for them on social media. He has also taken time out for himself and his family.

Personal Life

Yo Gotti has long kept his personal life private, though we know he has two known siblings. He has made public appearances praising his mother – said to be of South African heritage – in songs and produced a documentary together with her and other family members that chronicled their hustler days.

Johan Forsby, better known by his stage name Jooks, was born March 5th 1980 in Denmark. He currently raps under ArtPeople record label and forms part of Rentmel along with Tegnedrengen and JernHenrik.

Jooks has recently become the center of online discussion after being arrested as a suspect in the fatal shooting of Memphis rapper Young Dolph. He remains free on bond at this time.

Net Worth

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Big Jook Gotti is Yo Gotti’s brother and has been watching GloRilla thrive under CMG’s umbrella, while also offering his congrats on social media to Govan.

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