Bill Boals

Bill Boals – A Private Person

Bill Boals is a very private individual, preferring to keep his personal life out of the limelight. He is married to Margo Martindale and they share one daughter named Margaret.

He’s an impressive professor. Although lectures can be dull at times, if you do your homework and study previous exams (he provides plenty), then you should do well in his class.

Early Life and Education

Boal established a centre for practice in Paris during the early and mid 1980s and organized international Theatre of the Oppressed festivals. Additionally, he published the book Games for Actors and Non-Actors which detailed exercises and techniques.

He imagined theatre as a space that brought audiences together, creating a process whereby audiences could stop performances to provide suggestions to a character experiencing oppression – with actors then carrying out these suggestions – thus shifting audience from spectator to spect-actor role.

In 1986, he married Margo Martindale, an established actress best known for her roles as Big Mama in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’s first production and co-starring alongside Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking.

Professional Career

Bill Boals is an esteemed American journalist who has covered sports in Kansas City for three decades, becoming one of the most well-known faces across Missouri thanks to his prolific coverage. No other journalist can match Bill’s career achievements.

Horsley kept the ball he received from Boals on a bookshelf in his basement; it was the sole reminder of their former coach.

Margo Martindale is married to musician Bill Boals and together they share one daughter, Margaret. Martindale has become known as an established character actress thanks to her roles in numerous films and TV shows like Justified; for which she earned numerous awards.

Achievement and Honors

William Boals has become an industry star through his talent as an entertainer. Boals boasts exceptional vocals and diction, and can play multiple instruments – as well as being an accomplished composer. In 1986 he married Margo Martindale (an actress and fellow performer), whom they now share a daughter Margaret together.

He graduated from Jacksonville High School in 1969 as part of the drama club and cheerleading squad, before attending Lon Morris College before transferring to University of Michigan; during summer break, he took classes at Harvard universities.

Joe was an inspiring force in both academics and athletics for his teammates, serving as Dean’s List student and record-setting sprinter. In 2002 he was honored by being inducted into Rhodes Athletic Hall of Fame.

Personal Life

Bill Boals is an extremely private individual and his basic details such as age, education and career have remained hidden from public view. An American who works as a musician by trade. Married to Margo Martindale and have one child Margaret Boals together.

Since 1986, they have shared an enduring and wonderful partnership. Both parties are supportive of one another, which only strengthens their bond further.

Martindale is an award-winning American character actress with stage, screen and television credits to her name. In 2011 alone she won both a Primetime Emmy and Critics’ Choice Television Award for her recurring role as Mags Bennett on Justified; an achievement recognized with both awards. At present she lives in New York City where she enjoys wearing pink clothing and the color pink is particularly loved.

Net Worth

Bill Boals, Margo Martindale’s husband, is an American musician who has earned himself a place in the entertainment world. Boals is well known for his amazing voice and proficiency with various instruments; yet remains private about his personal life, preferring not to reveal too much information in media reports.

He and Margo got married in 1986 and have one daughter named Margaret. Clearly, they appear content in their relationship of over three decades ago.

Margo made her television debut with the miniseries Lonesome Dove in 2001. Since then, she has appeared in multiple shows such as 100 Centre Street and Dexter; additionally she was most notable for playing Big Mama in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Broadway Production and Ruth on BoJack Horseman: Netflix Series in 2004/2006 and 2018/2018 respectively.

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