Bill Curbishley

Bill Curbishley is an iconic manager in the music industry renowned for his incredible work ethic and commitment to his artists he manages. Additionally, he has proven to be an accomplished film producer.

He is best-known for managing legendary rock bands such as The Who and Judas Priest. Additionally, he produced films such as Quadraphenia and McVicar.

Early Life and Education

Bill Curbishley was raised in London’s East End. His childhood experiences helped shape him into a hardworking individual who has since managed The Who for four decades as well as other artists like UB40, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and more. Additionally he produced both Tommy and Quadrophenia films.

Curbishley began his music management career as a promoter for local Birmingham bands in the early 1960s. Soon thereafter he was hired as manager for The Who, where his musical management expertise truly blossomed.

Alongside his work in music, he also operates Golfing4Life, a golf company founded by him to offer young athletes financial support and access to life-altering opportunities, high performance coaching services, life education lessons and perspective development.

Professional Career

Bill Curbishley has made a name for himself in the music industry by managing some of its most renowned bands. Known for his dedication and fierce protection of artists under his management, Curbishley is highly esteemed in the industry.

After leaving Track Records, Trinifold Management quickly took on The Who, playing an integral part in their rock opera Tommy development process.

He was also charged with making sure that The Who concerts were enjoyable and safe experiences for their fans, taking difficult decisions such as continuing one in Cincinnati after learning there had been injuries and likely deaths among its crowd despite this new information. Thanks to his persistence, The Who became one of the world’s most iconic bands.

Achievement and Honors

Bill Curbishley has long been a key member of the music industry. He managed legendary rock bands such as The Who and Judas Priest while producing beloved films such as Quadrophenia and Tommy.

He began his management career at Track Records before co-founding Goldhawke Records with Roger Daltrey of The Who. With extensive knowledge of both music industry and talent identification, he quickly rose through the ranks.

Donations made by him have also gone towards supporting Teenage Cancer Trust, which gives young cancer patients as close to normal an experience as possible while they battle their illness – such as DJ booths, Apple rooms and an interactive games room – helping them cope more quickly with illness and speed recovery time.

Personal Life

Bill Curbishley is an esteemed music manager known for managing some of rock history’s most storied bands. Through hard work and dedication, his dedication has yielded significant financial reward – ensuring that his legacy will live on for many generations to come.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the industry and is dedicated to helping artists realize their full potential. His innovative strategies and tenacity distinguish him from other managers.

His film production work includes Quadrophenia and The Railway Man. He holds strong work ethics and believes in making the world a better place. Being compassionate by nature, he always seeks to understand others and see things from their viewpoints.

Net Worth

Bill Curbishley is renowned music manager who has amassed an immense fortune over time. He managed iconic bands such as The Who and Judas Priest; additionally, he produced films like Tommy: The Railway Man and Buddy’s Song featuring Roger Daltrey from The Who.

Beginning his career at Track Records and managing tours for artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Thunderclap Newman and Marc Bolan. Soon thereafter he established Trinifold Management; which currently handles The Who.

Bill Curbishley has long been involved with the Teenage Cancer Trust. Additionally, he is a fervent fan of Aston Villa FC and boasts many accomplishments both personally and professionally.

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