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Bill Kramer – CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

William Kramer serves as CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). In this capacity he oversees its global operations and programs – such as hosting Oscar ceremonies and overseeing film education initiatives – across its worldwide operations and programs.

He is best-known for playing Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld and is estimated to be worth an estimated $70 Million.

Early Life and Education

Bill Kramer was born in Culver City, California and went on to earn both his undergraduate degree in political science from Western Reserve University in Cleveland and his master’s in library science from Pratt Institute in New York City. Later, he taught classes on Jewish studies, history, philosophy, art, as well as writing for newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals.

In 2021, he was hired as director and president of the Academy Museum. In this capacity, he oversaw its pre-construction planning, fundraising efforts, public approval processes and subsequent launch after years of delays.

Prior to joining the Academy, Kramer worked as both an attorney and businessman in Wisconsin. He served for 8 years on the Republican State Assembly where he held various leadership roles from 2013-2014 as majority leader, including a majority position himself from 2013-14. Furthermore, Kaiser Permanente employed Kramer.

Professional Career

Bill Kramer has addressed and presented to numerous trade and professional organizations. Additionally, he has been quoted in publications such as Politico, Governing Magazine, Casper Star-Tribune and The Texan.

Kramer has served as director and president of the Academy Museum of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 2019. Prior to that role, he held managing director for development and external relations positions within the museum. Kramer also led capital and comprehensive campaigns at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Columbia University School of the Arts Sundance Institute, Rhode Island School of Design among others.

He has traded First Bancorp stock over 63 times since 2005, his most lucrative transaction being the sale of 2,700 units for $58,320 on 27 October 2016 as of 10 April 2019 when he held 29410 units in total.

Achievement and Honors

Bill Kramer serves as CEO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), one of the world’s premier film organizations. As such, he oversees its annual Academy Awards ceremony, Museum of Motion Pictures collection and various educational and preservation initiatives for their 10,000 members.

Kramer previously served as the managing director of development, public relations and external affairs at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures where he oversaw their successful capital campaign, physical development and government approval processes. Additionally, he held senior fundraising roles at Sundance Institute, Rhode Island School of Design and Southern California Institute of Architecture.

He succeeds outgoing Academy CEO Dawn Hudson, whose tenure saw gaffe-filled Oscar shows, declining ratings and an embarrassing Will Smith slap incident – to name but a few issues.

Personal Life

Prior to his role at PBGH, Bill ran his own consulting practice specializing in health policy, finance and business strategy for public and private sector clients. Prior to that he had spent over 20 years as an executive of Kaiser Permanente-most recently as CFO for its Pacific Northwest Region.

Jeannette was raised in a Christian home and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord at age 10. As an adult she became an elementary school teacher before getting involved with mission work in Cameroon.

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Net Worth

Bill Kramer’s net worth can be defined as the sum total of all his assets minus any debts he may owe.

He served as the museum’s managing director for development and external relations, overseeing management, design, physical development, curation, fund raising and planning processes for this project. Prior to that he held senior fundraising roles at Brooklyn Academy of Music and California Institute of the Arts.

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