Bird Restaurant

Restaurants That Serve Chicken

There are many reasons to go to a bird restaurant. It is a great way of helping the environment and offers unique dining experiences. Its mission is help frontline workers by donating meals at hospitals and fire stations. Eight families have been adopted. In addition, the restaurant strives to offer allergy-friendly food and is committed to making a positive impact in the community. Continue reading to learn more about the restaurants that serve chicken.

The menu of a bird restaurant is filled with chicken, including chicken tenders, wings, and sandwiches. Other menu items include a salad and various sides. The menu emphasizes freshest ingredients. The Naked Bird is known for its fresh, healthy, and delicious chicken. The restaurant’s chicken is slow cooked on an open hearth oven rotisserie. It is served with grapes, raisins, and grape juice. Although the menu may appear limited at first glance customers will quickly realize that it isn’t just limited to chicken.

The restaurant’s New York City style is evident throughout its interior and menu. Brick walls from the 1880s line the walls, and hip hop-style art decorates the walls. The chefs’ dedication to sourcing local ingredients is evident in the menu. The vibe is hip and sophisticated. It is well worth a visit. Once you’ve been to Charlie Bird, you’ll definitely want to go back again.

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