Blue Mcdonald’s Israel

The Blue McDonald’s in Israel

The Blue McDonald’s in Israel is not your average fast food joint. This McDonald’s is considered an aseptic fast food outlet and is dedicated to the Kosher diet. The menu has a special section for salads, and you will not be able to get milkshakes unless you ask for them. You will also not find an English menu, and some of the foods are exclusive to Israel.

The iconic golden arches are being replaced by signs in the colours of the Israeli flag. The move comes after McDonald’s was under pressure from Tel Aviv’s chief rabbi to differentiate kosher outlets from other restaurants. Two Tel Aviv McDonald’s have already discarded their classic yellow and red signs. Instead, the new blue and white McDonald’s sign will feature the word ‘kosher’ in Hebrew, and the name will be in Hebrew.

McDonald’s is not the only company to face criticism over its stance. The company’s settlement policies have been the subject of boycotts and other forms of criticism. Israeli unions and academics have threatened to boycott the company, and some European countries have proposed labeling settlement-made products. The West Bank is disputed territory in Israel, and the Palestinians hope to incorporate the entire area into their future state. The Israelis seized the area during the 1967 Mideast war. Most of the international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal. A number of protestors have called on McDonald’s to change their decision.

The Israeli McDonald’s burger has a unique taste that is distinctive to this region. It is served on a sesame bun and comes with guacamole instead of cheese. This is the best way to try the Israeli McDouble, but you can also get it in other countries.

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