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Blueface Raps About Gangs and Promiscuity

Blueface’s lyrics reflect his involvement in gang activities and loyalty to the Crips, as well as references to his promiscuity with women.

He and NA share two children; Javaughn is their son while NA is their daughter.

Blueface is a talented rapper with an impressive net worth. Through hard work and dedication to his craft, he has amassed an immense fortune.

Early Life and Education

Blueface’s parents, sister, and himself all support his music career. He’s an active member of School Yard Crips gang with an established history rapping about issues related to street gang membership.

Blueface began his musical journey in 2017 and quickly established a following on SoundCloud. His first track, Deadlocs, amassed over 2 million plays – providing enough proof for record labels to notice his talents.

Famous Cryp was released as his debut EP in 2018 before later following up with Two Coccy, his mixtape release. He quickly gained attention for his distinctive “blueface” rapping style which won over fans of hip-hop, trap music, and all kinds of genres worldwide. Additionally, he tried his hand at acting by auditioning for several TV shows.

Professional Career

Blueface began his rapping career at an early age, and by his early 20s had enjoyed several hits with songs such as ‘Respect My Crypin’ becoming viral on WorldstarHipHop YouTube channel and helping make him widely recognized globally.

In November 2018 he signed with Cash Money West and soon after had another viral success when previewing his track “Bleed It”, uploaded on Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel and garnering over two million views in just 24 hours.

Blueface, who only entered the music industry recently, has quickly established himself as a respected rapper with a growing fan base due to his distinctive style and creativity. Additionally, he collaborated with several artists, such as Miami rapper Lil Pump on Scott Storch’s “Bussin.” Additionally, he can often be found online sharing music previews and updates directly with his fans via social media platforms such as Twitter.

Achievement and Honors

Blueface has achieved great success throughout his professional career. His uncompromising rap style and commitment to breaking industry conventions have allowed him to forge his own path in music; earning a number of accolades as a result.

Blue Face’s powerful message encourages individuals to embrace their individuality and uniqueness; by accepting themselves for who they are, they can unlock their full potential and contribute towards building an inclusive society.

Blueface’s success has earned him many high-profile collaborations with some of hip hop’s biggest names and an immense following on TikTok with over 9 million users – most recently sharing an adorable post of him and his son together on social media.

Personal Life

Blueface, who hails from the School Yard Crips street gang and has openly supported their cause through his music, stands 6 feet 3 inches with captivating brown eyes that mesmerize listeners.

He attended Arteta High School in San Fernando Valley and became starting quarterback on its football team. Later he attended Fayetteville State University but ultimately chose music over academics as his path forward.

Blueface is currently dating Jaidyn, an Instagram influencer and aspiring singer. They’ve been enjoying partying and partying hard together in front of cameras. Blueface shares two children: Javaughn (born from his first relationship) and Journey Alexis with them both currently living in California with them both as parents.

Net Worth

Blueface has amassed an impressive net worth thanks to his success in the music industry. His viral hit “Thotiana” brought in significant income through streaming royalties and sales royalties; additionally, Blueface has invested in various business ventures to diversify his portfolio and grow wealthier.

The rapper has amassed a vast fan base through multiple hit songs that have amassed millions of views on social media platforms and secure endorsement deals with popular brands, thereby expanding his revenue streams.

He currently holds exclusive deals with both Cash Money Records West Coast division and Republic Records, and can often be seen with his son Javaughn on Instagram stories and videos. He currently resides with his family at a luxury property in California.

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