Body Found In Augusta Ga

A Body Found in Augusta GA Has Been Burned Beyond Recognition

It appears that a body found in Augusta, GA was burned beyond recognition. A passerby called 911 to report the finding, leading to the investigation of the incident. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The GBI Crime Lab has been brought in to process the remains and hopefully identify them. WGAC will continue to update readers on this case as more information is gathered. If anyone has information on the person, they are encouraged to contact the GBI or Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

A body was found by a passerby in Augusta, Georgia on Saturday. The man, whose identity is unknown, was on the second floor of a building near the top of stairs. The victim appeared to be Caucasian, and the GBI Crime Lab has been brought in to complete an autopsy. The GBI has not ruled out foul play, but the death is “suspicious,” according to the coroner. The body was badly decomposed and was surrounded by men’s tennis shoes. It was discovered at 6:30 a.m., near Josey High School in Augusta.

The Richmond County Coroner’s Office is also investigating a suspicious death. Officials say that a body was found in an abandoned business on Walton Way. The building was located at 1552 Walton Way, and it was painted in bright yellow and green. The former Auto Money Title Pawn was located on the property. The owner had left it unattended for several days, and it was recently rented out.

The victim’s autopsy is scheduled for Thursday at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston. If anyone has information, they are encouraged to contact the GBI, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, or the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. The body was sent to a private lab in Newberry, S.C., where it is being examined. A post-mortem examination will be conducted as well. If the victim’s family wants to donate their loved one’s body, they can do so through the Body Donation Program at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. The program accepts bodies from communities throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and other states. The program is funded by donations from communities and individuals in Georgia and other states.

Bessie Durham, a janitor at Belk, was last seen on September 15. She was last seen at 7 a.m., and a 911 call came in at 4:39 p.m. She was found dead in the restroom. A forensic artist was sent to the scene to perform a sketch. It showed that the woman was between 185 and 200 pounds. She had short brown hair. The last time she was seen was Monday night, when she was in the bathroom of a local mall. She had a prescription medication. The medication will not be returned to her family, but the investigation will determine how the victim died.

Another body was found by a passerby in the woods near a Georgia Burger King. The body was found near Romeiser Drive, and the GBI Crime Lab has been contacted to look into the death. A forensic artist was sent to the site, and the person who made the initial call was identified as Bobby Miller, a North Augusta resident. A second team was enlisted to help with the investigation, and the goal was to retrieve all of the remains for the GBI Crime Lab.

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