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Booker Launches Jacks Discounter

Tesco-owned wholesaler Booker is rolling out its discounter Jack’s fascia across its existing Premier, Budgens, Londis and Family Shopper symbol groups in convenience stores across its current footprint. As detailed by betterRetailing in a communication sent directly to retailers by Booker, 500 lines will be sold under Jack’s and yield at least 30% profit on return – providing retailers with additional opportunities for profit growth and betterRetailing visibility of these plans.

Personal Life

Fed members’ magazine The Fed has joined forces with Booker once again this year, offering an exclusive Jack’s own-label value food voucher in October’s issue or from any Makro cash and carry depots across London and Essex. The coupon can be found either within its pages or by collecting one at any one of Booker’s Makro cash and carry depots.

Physical: Jack should possess all the physical attributes expected of an elite athlete; furthermore, years of combat experience in Rapture have placed him in excellent physical shape – giving Booker an advantage.

Net Worth

Jacks has amassed a sizable fortune over his extensive musical career. Thanks to hit albums and singles such as Seasons in the Sun (selling millions), which topped charts worldwide and brought worldwide recognition, his wealth is immense.

Tesco’s chief executive recently noted that independent retailers are doing exceptionally well at helping customers cope with rising living costs. Tesco’s own-label range will enable them to maintain and bolster customer relations during this challenging time.

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