Boston Daniels

Boston Daniels Park – Reviving His Legacy

Boston Daniels believed strongly in providing better housing, education, health programs, and employment as the way to combat crime. Over his career he tried to live this belief and demonstrate its importance by leading by example.

On Minnesota Avenue, he was known as an aggressive opponent to shoplifters who would dress like a farmer or railroad conductor in order to blend in and identify shoplifters.

Early Life and Education

Karen Daniels is fighting to revive the legacy of Boston Daniels Park with the help of Anthony Hodges, her great-niece. They hope that by raising its profile as an icon of unity and community spirit they will ensure its future existence.

Fighting the Ku Klux Klan and advocating for better housing, schools, health programs and jobs was among his many contributions to society. Universities and police academies would seek him out to lecture on nonviolent methods for deescalating conflict – often making for interesting talks! At 6’2″, over 200 pounds and often amusing people with his jokes or entertaining tales!

After being appointed the city’s inaugural black police chief in 1969, when he retired in 1971 the local newspaper reported that members were “unashamedly wiping tears away”. Following this he went on to lead both its housing authority and run for mayor and school board seats.

Professional Career

Boston Daniels first joined the Kansas City Police Force in 1945 and quickly rose through its ranks. He quickly earned respect due to his nonviolent approach to conflict de-escalation and great personality; as well as believing that creating a better community through education, recreational facilities, and jobs was the best way to combat crime.

Boston Daniels was drawn to commercial real estate because it offered tangible results he could see, feel and touch – the ideal field for him as a visual learner.

Today, he serves as Brokerage Lead and Executive Managing Director of JLL’s Boston Leasing team. Under his direction, over 60 people who are dedicated to serving both their clients and communities are part of his highly effective team.

Achievement and Honors

Boston Daniels was a highly decorated police chief who believed in investing in better housing, education, jobs and recreational facilities to strengthen communities. Known for his skills at de-escalating tense situations and sharing them at universities and police academies.

BC students have received high honors in the 2023 USFCA All-Academic Team and Scholar of Distinction lists, while Vincent Rougeau received the St. Thomas More Award and five other alumni received top awards at Law Day 2023 celebrations at Seaport Hotel.

JLL New England Brokerage Lead Matt Daniels received the McCall Leadership Award this year, honoring those who lead their markets in terms of transaction volume and value in commercial real estate. Daniels boasts 22 years of experience within this field and heads JLL’s Downtown Leasing team as an advisor.

Personal Life

Boston Daniels was an integral member of his community. Known for his good nature and nonviolent interview techniques that de-escalated conflict, Daniels believed in investing in better housing, education, health programs, recreational facilities and recreational amenities as the most effective ways to combat crime. To do so, he increased police officer numbers, instituted a police cadet program, created a citizens radio watch service as well as added two police substations in his service area.

He was also an advocate of civil rights. In 1965, along with other seminary students from his seminary he made the trip to Selma Alabama for the Voting Rights March.

He and Rosemary did not have children of their own, yet were beloved members of Hilltop Church family and the community at large; even an honorary park was named in their memory.

Net Worth

Boston Daniels is a multimillionaire who built his fortune through sports agency work and TV anchoring. Additionally, he is an ardent philanthropist, giving away millions to charities around the world. Additionally, Boston Daniels possesses strong social conscience with regards to student debt cancellation and efforts to enshrine the Equal Rights Amendment as priorities of his.

He believes that improved housing, education, health programs and jobs are the best ways to combat crime. He is known for his expertise in de-escalating volatile situations and regularly invited by universities and police academies to lead workshops. Portsmouth named an urban park after him in 1996 for all his efforts – he currently resides there.

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