Bretman Narcissus

The Rise of Bretman Narcissus

When he was young, Bretman narcissism took an unexpected turn. His Instagram account was kept secret for a week and only 600 followers. His archive of sexy videos became public and he quickly gained popularity. Before long, Bretman had over 10 million followers. His viral videos include a meme-ified version of the Iggy Azalea song “Fancy” and a dance video to Beyonce’s “7/11.” He was in his teens when he reached this level of success.

Bretman is still a YouTube sensation but he has moved beyond his Bretman rock persona. His content now focuses more on interacting with his fans than generating viral buzz. His TikTok videos show only a small part of his daily life. He walks his dogs and longboards around his neighborhood. He also records his daily wardrobe. But as his fame and fan base continues to grow, he’s becoming a mainstream star.

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