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Beauty Influencer – Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga

Filipino-American beauty blogger and social media personality BretmanRock Sacayanan Leforga is well-known for his makeup tutorial videos, and witty remarks. Bretman Rock is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. He rose to fame through YouTube videos about makeup and contouring. Today, Bretman is the most popular makeup creator on YouTube. He also has his own YouTube channel. Follow Bretman Rock to get daily makeup tips and tutorials.

Bretman Rock is one of the most well-known beauty influencers on Instagram. He has over 14 million followers and millions subscribers. His popularity is not based solely on makeup; it also includes fashion, lifestyle, and fashion. Rock Bretman has partnered with big brands in the beauty and fashion world. He has collaborated on projects with brands such as Ulta, Meitu and the Makeup Plus app. He also has his own line.

While his popularity has increased, the social media star has not lost his charm. In his latest video, he announced his sexuality on Valentine’s Day, posing for an adorable photo with a mystery guy. His TikTok videos are now more relaxed, capturing moments in his everyday life. As he moves away from YouTube fame and into a more traditional entertainment industry, Bretman Rock’s private life has become more transparent.

Bretman Rock is worth more than $500,000. He is a makeup artist, YouTuber, and social media personality. Sponsorships make up the majority of his income. Additionally, he has several other projects in the works, such as a game called “What Do You Meme?” Exclusively sold on Amazon. It features fourteen photos and 50 captions and costs $15. It has received 4.8-star ratings on Amazon.

Bretman Rock, a first-generation Filipino immigrant who became a viral internet star at the age 14 is Bretman Rock. As a teenager, Bretman Rock juggled school work with his jet-setting weekends. He volunteered in school cafeterias, served lunch at school, was a varsity track-star, and still managed to make honor roll during the week. He shares his personal experiences as a social media influencer, and the lessons he has learned.

The Filipino-American YouTube sensation is popular for his makeup tutorials, cooking videos, and reaction videos. He shares many similarities with WWE wrestlers Bret Har and The Rock, but he is also very real and has a large social media following. He has millions of fans on Instagram and is active on Twitter and Instagram. And he has a booming online store. If you’re wondering how Bretman Rock got so popular, read on!

Aside from gaining international fame as a makeup expert, Bretman is also a fashion model. Her unique style and personality have made her a household name among the most influential teens in the globe. She has collaborated with several makeup brands, and her custom fan brush has become an icon in the makeup industry. You can follow her on Twitter, or check out her YouTube channel. You’ll love her makeup tutorials and her videos.

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