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Turn Your Four-Post Lift Into a Wheel Service Dynamo With Bridge Jacks

Make your four-post lift an efficient wheel service center by adding an optional bridge jack. These hydraulic jacks raise two or four wheels off their runways for suspension, brake and wheel maintenance services.

This bridge jack features sliding arms designed to securely grip runways of most 4-Post Lifts, featuring stackable height adapters for added versatility. Powered by an air/hydraulic power unit and equipped with an airline kit that connects directly to vehicle lifts.

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Rolling bridge jacks make servicing the wheels and suspension easier on any vehicle, offering different lifting capacities to meet individual needs. Some jacks come equipped with precision rollers and feature an adjustable telescoping design to fit a range of tread widths.

Dannmar offers a 5,000-lb capacity rolling bridge jack that works with most four-post lifts and comes complete with height adapters to extend contact pads to reach frame lifting points on trucks and larger vehicles.

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Enhance your four-post lift with rolling bridge jacks to make wheel service simpler. These air-powered scissor jacks slide between runways to lift vehicles’ frames and give technicians access to its wheels while on the lift.

BendPak’s SLRBJ5 model bridge jack was specifically designed to work with their HDS-35 and HDS-40 four-post lifts, providing contact points for lifting frames of high-framed vehicles such as trucks or commercial equipment.

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Add rolling bridge jacks to your 4-post lift for added undercar services on cars while they remain on the runway, such as tire replacement or brake service. This allows you to perform maintenance without transporting wheels across streets or sending wheels off-site for service.

Eastwood provides a selection of rolling bridge jacks from top brands like Dannmar and BendPak that will fit seamlessly on their four-post lifts. All models feature either a manual hydraulic pump or air/hydraulic version for fast, effortless lifting action.

Dannmar’s DJ-4500 rolling bridge jack can support 4,500 pounds. When used in combination with their D4-9 lift, this allows users to safely get under most vehicles for wheel repair or other services.

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At Eastwood, we stock rolling bridge jacks to elevate vehicles for wheel and brake service, with four-post lift runways as the base. Each of our rolling bridge jacks boasts a powerful lifting capacity; our tech team can recommend the right ones for your shop. These accessories also make full alignments simple after replacing or balancing tires.

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