Brittany Booker Racine Wisconsin

Racine Wisconsin Police Are On The Hunt For A Man Wanted In The Death Of Brittany Booker

Racine, Wisconsin is currently looking for a man wanted in connection to the death of Brittany Booker, 30 years old. Terry Jackson, 42, is considered dangerously armed. He is believed to have attacked Booker with a hammer on Feb. 20. Booker survived the attack, but he returned two months later to kill Booker. Jackson is a man who has several warrants for his arrest. Anyone with information about Terry Jackson’s whereabouts should call the Racine Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

Brittany’s father Leonard Larry has returned to pack up Brittany’s belongings. ABC News interviewed him four weeks after Brittany’s death. Larry made a confession during the interview. Booker was a recent nursing student. Leonard Larry, Brittany’s mother, was a former nurse and a former racine resident. He had a history involving sexual assault and had even attacked a friend in February.

After three hours of abuse in Terry’s car, he allegedly attacked Brittany Booker. He waited until she was away from home and then attacked her friend with a claw from a hammer. He nearly killed them both. Brittany Booker was afraid for her life but had to take care of her children. The case of Terry Jackson is a tragic example of what can happen to a victim of abuse.

Terry Jackson is accused of killing Brittany Booker, a mother of six from Racine, Wisconsin, in April. After being observed with a gun in his window, Jackson was arrested in Chicago. Jackson was wanted in five other states after the homicide. On Sunday, May 22, he was arrested in Chicago after the United States Marshal Service executed an arrest operation in Chicago. It is unclear if he acted alone, or as part of larger conspiracy.

Jackson’s car was tracked by police using video surveillance cameras. Police found the car Jackson used to drive to Booker’s home on April 23 and 24. Jackson asked for a ride from her mother in Chicago on April 24, after Jackson woke her up on April 24. Booker’s children were also found in the car during the investigation.

The U.S. Marshals Service found Booker’s body in the car. The victim had suffered multiple injuries, including gunshot wounds to the head. After a five-state manhunt, Jackson was taken into custody and charged with Booker’s murder. A firearm was recovered from the scene. Jackson’s motives for trying to kill Booker and the victim have not been revealed.

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