Brittany From Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Character Profile – Brittany McLaughlin

Those who watch the television show Life After Lockup have watched Brittany McLaughlin’s transformation from prison inmate to real estate agent. The 33-year-old mother of three enrolled in a pen pal program while in federal prison and soon found herself on a new path. As the show followed her, viewers were given a glimpse into her struggle to build a family.

As a child, Brittany ran away from home when she was twelve years old. She was later caught and sentenced to five years in prison. After her release, she failed to stay away from crime. She was also accused of conspiring to commit a robbery, but was eventually released. When she was 21, she returned to prison for a second time.

During the third season of Life After Lockup, viewers witnessed Brittany and her mother work to rebuild their relationship. At that time, the mother and daughter had not spoken in nearly two years. In an effort to make the bond stronger, they bought a house together. The couple also welcomed two children into their family. The pair posted pictures of their children, and they celebrated their first birthdays in December and March, respectively.

As the season of Life After Lockup drew to a close, Brittany and Marcelino Santiago faced more challenges in their marriage. They also struggled with intimacy. When Brittany discovered that Marcelino was communicating with her former friend, Amanda, on the internet, she confronted her. However, their argument soon turned to blows. They were both hurt and angry.

In a recent episode of the show, the pair was questioned about their marital status. The former contestants posted their wedding pictures on social media. The couple still holds a strong fanbase, though fans are wondering if the couple is still together. Some have questioned whether they are faking the storyline for a check. Other fans think the pair is fine. Regardless of their circumstances, the two are trying to build a positive example for their young children.

In addition to her involvement in the show, Brittany is also a published author. She wrote a memoir, which will be available in 2020. In addition to writing, she works in the real estate industry. She earned a real estate license in 2021. She and Ryan will always have a special connection through their children.

As fans of the show, we have been following Brittany’s story since last year. It’s a fascinating story that has helped viewers to understand the pain that runs through everyone’s lives. But, it is also a story that illustrates how people can overcome their struggles to find true love. If you want to follow Brittany and Marcelino’s journey, you can catch them on the upcoming season of Life After Lockup. It airs Fridays at 9pm ET on WEtv.

Those who watch Life After Lockup know that the show is filled with plot twists. Many former inmates and significant others are paired up for a chance at love. But there are also returning couples who don’t get it right.

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