Brittany Killgore

Missing Marine Brittany Killgore

Brittany Killgore, a missing woman from San Diego County, is being searched. The Marine staff sergeant’s wife filed for divorce three days before she was reported missing. Brittany Killgore’s death is a tragedy for Marines, as she was a sought-after beauty. Her case has been linked to many other missing people. Read on to learn more about Brittany’s case.

Brittany was murdered because of a sick obsession with the BDSM. The trio also wanted to enslave her. Louis Perez, Jessica Lopez, and Dorothy “Dee” Maraglino lived together as Master and Mistress. They had a sick fantasy about Brittany, and they knew about it through Liz. They planned to act out Brittany’s BDSM fantasies. As a result, they luring Brittany to a lake, they dragged her there. Brittany was eventually found naked near Lake Skinner. Jessica allegedly strangled Brittany and then tried to dismember her body with a saw.

The jury convicted all three of the defendants on multiple charges, including murder, kidnapping, torture and sexual battery. The trial was long and took 18 hours. After the verdict, the mother of Brittany Killgore, Michelle Wrest, spoke to reporters. She stated that her daughter was victimized by the wrong people she met and got involved with them. The jury found the men guilty of murder, attempted sex battery, and kidnapping.

After an investigation into her husband’s BDSM, Perez allegedly confessed that Killgore was her murder victim to the police. Perez was convicted of a crime by the trial judge. The prosecution, however, did not provide any additional evidence. The trial continued for another two years, and Maraglino’s lawyer said that she was unaware of her daughter’s murder until the court ruling. She also lied about details of the case and the jury ruled in favor of her.

Her newfound friendship with Perez led to a change in Killgore’s lifestyle and her appearance on the show. The actress, who lives in San Diego, said she wanted to take Killgore on a Hornblower dinner cruise before she moved. While her husband was away in Afghanistan, Killgore refused to return home to a monotonous life. Perez invited her to cruise with him, which she considered to be purely platonic. She later called Maraglino to ensure that all was well. She was getting odd texts and messages from Killgore, including one from Perez.

Perez drove to Killgore’s apartment complex on April 14, and surveillance footage showed that he was in the passenger seat. He told the detective that he had been collecting firewood in the vicinity of Camp Pendleton. The deputy pulled out a plastic bag from the car and found a pair blue latex gloves. It appeared to be blood stained. DNA analysis confirmed that the gloves belonged to Brittany Killgore. Besides the gloves, Perez was also found to be in possession of a stun gun with a human hair follicle attached.

The jury will hear more about the two men, including Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore. The man was cleared of all charges after the jury heard the case of the girl’s disappearance. The jury is yet to decide whether the three men are guilty of murder or kidnapping. They are expected to hear testimony on Tuesday. The next phase of the case will focus on the relationship between Killgore and Perez.

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