Brittany Matthews Meme

How to Handle a Brittany Matthews Meme

The Brittany Matthews meme is gaining traction after her boyfriend Patrick Mahomes defended her on Twitter. Patrick recently admitted to having an affair with Matthews. Fans quickly took to Twitter to mock the quarterback and his fiancee. They read his lips and quickly judged him. Brittany Matthews is now getting a fair amount of the internet’s fury for her decision.

Despite the rumors and the resulting meme, it looks like Brittany Matthews is upset about her boyfriend’s injury. In the video below, she says, “I’m a future wife. It’s not fair that I’m being forced to take a leave of absence from work.” Matthews’ position on the injury is not surprising, as Matthews and his wife are expecting their first child together.

If you’re wondering how to handle a Brittany Matthews meme, don’t worry! Jackson will be back soon. Let’s celebrate Jackson’s win with a Jackson-inspired tweet. I will wait for her response and let the world know how much she means to me. And as for the Chiefs, we’ll see you in 2021-22. It’s going to be a long season, but we can only hope she’s as hungry and as cute as she looks.

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