Brittany Snow Red Hair

Brittany Snow’s Red Hair Has Changed Color?

If you have been wondering if Brittany Snow’s red hair has changed color recently, then you’ve come to the right place! Snow has recently unveiled a new cut and color, and her fans couldn’t be more excited. Normally she rocks red hair, but for this Instagram video, Brittany snow went for a sleek and straight look! It certainly didn’t seem like her usual style!

Although she has had her hair colored many times for roles, the actress didn’t like her old red hair color for Pitch Perfect 2. Yahoo! interviewed her about her hair color. Style interviews Snow about the evolution of her street style, and how she was compared with the Olsen twins. Snow says she doesn’t pay too much attention to what’s trending on the streets. She is dedicated to her career and keeps her anonymity, which she believes is a key component of her appeal.

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