Bruce Davison Net Worth

Bruce Davison is an American actor and director who is well known for his performances in films such as Willard, The Lathe of Heaven, Longtime Companion (nominated for a Golden Globe Award) as well as numerous television shows including Hunter, Marcus Welby MD Lou Grant’s show Close to Home by Cybill Shepherd.

Early Life and Education

Bruce Davison is an esteemed actor who boasts an extensive body of credits spanning films, TV shows and stage productions. Additionally, Davison has dabbled in directing to diversify his income stream further and is involved in various charitable ventures to further cement his status as an all-around individual.

Davison was raised by both his musician-architect father and secretary mother; attending Marple Newtown Senior High School before enrolling at Penn State as an art major. It was while accompanying a friend to auditions that Davison discovered acting and later completed NYU’s graduate acting program.

Davison has consistently avoided being cast in leading roles, instead showcasing his versatility as a character actor. He has played roles as varied as disturbed teenagers, crusading defense attorneys and romantic lovers – often simultaneously.

Professional Career

Bruce Davison has distinguished himself with an extensive film and television career that spans four decades, playing an array of roles to critical acclaim and awards.

His first major role came in 1971 horror flick Willard Stiles and later in 1989 tearjerker Longtime Companion where he earned an Academy Award nomination. Additionally he appeared in several notable projects like The Affair, Seinfeld, Outer Limits and thirtysomething.

He is best-known for his performance as Tom Wingfield in the Broadway adaptation of The Glass Menagerie. Additionally, he is married twice and father to Ethan; furthermore he works actively as a spokesperson for various AIDS-related charities.

Achievement and Honors

American actor Bruce Davison has earned himself an esteemed place in the entertainment world since making his debut in Frank Perry’s disturbing coming-of-age flick Last Summer in 2008. Since then, he has delivered several critically acclaimed performances that showcase both his depth and versatility.

An Academy Award nominee for his portrayal as a gay man whose lover dies from AIDS in Longtime Companion, he has since played other notable characters such as X-Men in films and television series alike.

Due to his acclaimed acting career, he is in high demand as an actor for numerous projects. He has appeared in television shows like Harry and the Hendersons, 30 Something, Seinfeld, The Waltons, Lou Grant Touched by an Angel and Marcus Welby M.D – to name just a few! Additionally he has made guest appearances on series like CSI: Miami and Star Trek Voyager as well as miniseries such as Love Lies Bleeding!

Personal Life

Bruce Davison is an esteemed actor with an impressive resume of credits to his name. Additionally, he is known to be an active philanthropist who supports various social causes; furthermore he is married twice with one son from each marriage.

Even with his busy schedule, he still makes time for family. Additionally, he serves as spokesperson for several AIDS-related groups and strives to raise awareness.

He can be seen in numerous film and television roles such as Longtime Companion, Runaway Jury, Apt Pupil, Six Degrees of Separation, Dahmer and Hate Crime. Hunter also made frequent recurring appearances on Hunter Seinfeld The Waltons Love American Style Lou Grant Outer Limits Designing Women thirtysomething in addition to acting. Furthermore he made significant contributions in stage productions while directing numerous films and television shows during his acting career.

Net Worth

Bruce Davison has amassed significant wealth through his distinguished film and television career. His exceptional acting has garnered him multiple prestigious awards and nominations while royalties and residuals from his work also add substantial income.

Born 28 June 1946 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Attended Marple Newtown Senior High School before enrolling at Penn State as an art major where he accidentally discovered acting upon accompanying a friend to an audition. Later enrolled and completed New York University’s Graduate Acting Program before his passing away.

Davison is currently married to Michele Correy and they share one daughter together named Sophia. Additionally, he shares one child from his previous relationship with Jess Walton who currently resides in Los Angeles.

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