Btd6 Bomb Shooter Best Path

Bloons TD 6 Bomb Shooter Best Path

When playing Bloons TD 6, you need to know how to use the Bomb Shooter best for different situations. Bomb Shooters are excellent at dealing with Lead Bloons and MOAB-class bloons. They are also able to deal with lead bloons and MOAB-class bloons. However, you need to understand that the Bomb Shooter’s best path will depend on the goals of the player.

Bomb Shooter is best for Heroes with activated abilities that deal heavy damage to MOAB-class Bloons. This hero will also benefit from anti-bloon towers, which are extremely important if you are using a Bomb Shooter. The Bomb Shooter’s activated ability deals 4500 damage to MOAB-class bloons every 10 seconds.

It is important to remember when playing as a Bomb shooter that you must deal massive damage to your opponents as quickly as possible. Elite won’t take a sticky bomb, so you have to find a way that does massive damage in shortest time. A great way to do this is to use the Avatar of Wrath. This hero is extremely powerful and can do insane damage, especially when surrounded by poplusts.

Bombs are a good choice in the mid-game, as they boost attack speed by a lot. Moreover, they increase their frag potential. This is a great way to get early frags. Also, make sure you place your bombs on bends. However, they’re not the most powerful bombs. You’ll usually do better with 0-2-0 and 0-3-2 Bombs.

The Bomb Shooter is a powerful weapon with a wide range of effects. Moreover, you can upgrade it to hit multiple Leads with greater accuracy and a greater blast radius. To make the Bomb Shooter even more efficient, you can increase the projectile speed. This way, you can get a better shot at hitting faster bloons without losing a life.

This bomb shooter path is a great choice for people who want to maximize the damage they deal with each shot. It has a faster attack speed and is useful for dealing with MOABs that are too near their towers. Striker Jones can be purchased to increase the attack speed.

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