Bts Samsung Pop Up Nyc

Samsung Pop Up NYC and Berlin’s Kudamm

Throughout the summer, Samsung hosted a number of pop-ups and events that paired its products with global pop star BTS. The biggest event, dubbed Galaxy Unpacked 2022, took place in New York City’s Times Square and Berlin’s Kudamm. During the event, Samsung released new gadgets such as the Galaxy Buds2 Pro and the Galaxy Z Flip4. ARMYs were also treated to the official launch of the Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy S22+ in a limited edition BTS-themed shade of purple.

One of the best parts of the event was the unveiling of the world’s first Galaxy Z Fold4, a phone that folds into its own case. Aside from the Galaxy Z Fold4, BTS was also the first to show off their brand-new music video, titled “Yet To Come.” The song is the official theme song for the upcoming series of ‘Greater’ campaigns that Samsung is putting together. ARMYs were able to watch the video in full on big screens around the city. This is not the first time that the Samsung Galaxy has featured BTS, but it’s the first time that the band was given the title of “brand ambassador” by the company.

Samsung is also set to release a special edition of the Galaxy S20+ dubbed the “Bangtan.” The handset was a special edition that offered a host of extras for ARMYs. Some of the more notable features include special shopper-only experiences and an exclusive merch line. Those interested in picking up a piece of BTS merch can do so by visiting the Samsung store at Times Square or by ordering online.

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked experience is free to attend. It runs from August 11 to 31. In addition to the new phones and gadgets, attendees will be able to enjoy a wide range of freebies, including BTS-themed t-shirts, swag, and free k-pop music. The “Galaxy x BTS” campaign will also feature a ‘Greater’ branded version of the Galaxy Z Flip4, as well as a line of “Greater” flip phones starring members of the band. Aside from the phones, fans can also look forward to a ‘Bangtan’ emoji, a ‘Bangtan’-themed version of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and a BTS-branded version of the Watch5. All of the above devices are available for pre-order.

Aside from the Samsung Galaxy x BTS campaign, the company also unveiled a new watch, the Galaxy Watch5. The device is based on the original Samsung Watch, but is optimized to fit the curved glass curves of the Galaxy S10+. Other cool Samsung innovations, like the augmented reality-equipped Galaxy Buds2 Pro and the Galaxy S10+, were also showcased. While the most recent models are not available to the general public, the Galaxy x BTS campaign is set to run through August 31. In the near future, fans can expect a ‘Bangtan’ version of the Galaxy S20+ to be released in 2020. It’s also worth mentioning that the new Galaxy S10+ will have a special ‘Bangtan’ edition of the camera, as well.

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