Buck Owens Wife

Buck Owens and His Wife Alvis Owens

Alvis Edgar Owens Jr., also known professionally as Buck Owens was an American musician and songwriter. He was also a band leader. He was the lead singer for Buck Owens and The Buckaroos. They had 21 No. Countless country music hits were his top hits. He has a number of surviving children, including wife Alvis Owens, who was murdered in 1999. Many people are still puzzled as to why he died in an automobile accident despite his fame.

In his second marriage, Owens remarried Jennifer Smith. The marriage lasted 16 year. Buck never publicly acknowledged that the couple had a daughter. Their daughter was born at 16 years old. Owens also had a daughter from their marriage. The couple divorced in 2001. According to the biography, Owens was a father to two children. His family was left with a profound loss. His daughter is also well-known.

From his first marriage, Buck Owens had Buddy Alan and John. Buddy Alan continued to work with Buck and sang different pieces of music together. However, Buck and Phyllis Buford divorced after three years. Buck married Phyllis Buford again after his second marriage. Buck and Phyllis later had two more children. Their third marriage ended in divorce, and they settled in Bakersfield. Their marriage was not helped by the music scene.

After Buck’s divorce from Bonnie Owens he continued his singing career. Although Down on the Corner of Love was well-received locally, it failed to chart in the country charts. However, despite its failure to chart, Down on the Corner Of Love, became a country standard. It was also covered by James O’Gwynn and Red Sovine. Despite their divorce, they remained close friends and shared custody of their children.

Bonnie Campbell, a Texas native, was Buck Owens’ first spouse. They settled in Bakersfield, California, approximately 100 miles from Los Angeles. Owens discovered the honky tonk scene while working as a truck driver. He played gigs in Phoenix clubs while earning money. After years of touring the United States, the Buckaroos was signed by Capitol Records. Their marriage led to the formation their group, Buck & Bonnie the Buckaroos.

The country music star was an influence on several generations of musicians. His music was a blueprint for the modern country genre. A number of albums and compilations were released in recent years, including the Complete Capitol Singles 1957-1966 and the 1971-1975 era. They also released a compilation album, Together Again, that features their duets and Susan Raye. However, the enduring music legacy of Buck Owens is not over.

In 1967, Owens and Haggard married. Owens and Haggard had a daughter, Bonnie, and she helped the singer build his career. Sadly, Bonnie Owens, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, passed away a few weeks after her husband. Her death in 2003 is a tragic loss for many people. Although it is not clear what she did, she certainly contributed to Merle Haggard’s success and that of the other stars in her career.

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