Buck Ton Wife

Buck Sexton and His Wife

Ross Buckton, a successful wool merchant from Leeds, was looking for a wife to help him run his business. He was able to live in a comfortable house overlooking Woodhouse Moor and became aware of the poor living conditions and high death rate of his hometown. A member of the Ladies’ Council of the Yorkshire Board of Education, she was determined to take on this challenge and make a difference. Upon meeting her future husband, Elizabeth Buckton, she was eager to start a family.

According to rumors, Buck Sexton is happily married to Molly Sexton. Although Buck and Molly have not confirmed their relationship, they have been sharing photographs together. While Buck Sexton has not revealed much about his personal life, his Instagram account contains photos of his wife. Although it is not known how they met, it seems that they are in love. He has a luxurious lifestyle, in addition to his professional career.

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