Budda Baker Vs George Kittle

Budda Baker Vs George Kittle

The 49ers’ safety Budda Baker has already received some backlash after tackling George Kittle in Week 1. The scuffle caused a knee injury to the tight end, who played 98 percent this year’s offensive snaps. While Kittle’s status for Week 2 is still unknown, his admiration for Cardinals safety Dustin Baker is apparent.

Baker has posted impressive numbers, despite Kittle’s disappointing season. Baker led the NFL last season with 104 solo tackles. Kittle was astonished by Baker’s play on Wednesday. Kittle finished with four catches for 44 yards on five targets. The Cardinals finished with a disappointing 5-10-1 season.

The Cardinals beat the San Francisco 49ers by 24-20. Despite missing George Kittle due to injury, he still managed to score a touchdown. The defensive backs made pass breaks on the passes Kittle threw, and Baker reacted by yelling “I’m still here, Budda!”

The 49ers have sought the fan responsible for the racist message aimed at the player. The 49ers have banned the fan from attending any 49ers events. A screenshot of the messages was posted on Budda Baker’s Twitter account, after the game. Kittle was injured in a legal hit by Baker, and he tweeted a photo of the messages. The messages contained racial slurs and threats. The messages were sent from the account @niners8, which is still active on Instagram. As of Thursday, there are no posts from the account.

Whether Budda Baker can stay healthy or lose, the Arizona Cardinals’ safety is a strong leader both on and off the field. This season was his best. In fact, he made his first playoff appearance in a game against the Los Angeles Rams. In this interview, he discusses his preparation for his first playoff game, facing the Rams’ “electric” offense and the possible return of J.J. Watt.

Although a healthy George Kittle might not be the best opponent for a Deebo Samuel who is in good health, his skills can offset the slow running game. Kittle’s run blocking can help San Francisco relieve the pressure on their offense, which has been plagued with injuries this season. Kittle also has 29 receptions for 417 yard in seven career games against Arizona. His average catch is 14.4 yards.

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