Buddy The Elf Whats Your Favorite Color

Buddy the Elf – What’s Your Favorite Color?

What’s your favorite color? This is a question that we all have been asking ourselves. A great way to find out the answer is to ask your kids. This classic movie question is “Buddy, what’s your favorite colour?”

This romantic comedy is filled with chemistry and heartwarming moments. The story appears to have already been told at the beginning. Will Ferrell plays the role of an Elf who is adopted and raised by his father. The movie opens with Buddy finding his birth father, Michael Hobbs. The film opens with Buddy as a baby in Santa’s bag of toys. Soon, the action picks up. After a slow start, the movie picks up steam as he sets off on his quest to find his father.

Will Ferrell’s comedy is at its best in this movie. He plays an elf who gets lost in New York, and he is charming in his performance. While the cast is small, the film manages to pull off its comedic elements and get the spirit of the holidays in children. This holiday classic has been a firm favorite and will continue to be relevant for many years. Ferrell is a star cast, so what more could you want?

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