Buddy V’s Cake Slice

Buddy V’s Cake Slices

If you’re planning a surprise party for your birthday or another special occasion, you might want to give the gift of cake by ordering a Buddy V’s Cake Slice! With this convenient service, you can order your cake online and receive it within half an hour! What’s more, you can also order a cup of coffee or tea along with your cake delivery. For more information about Buddy V’s Cake Slice, please visit their website.

The virtual brand, created by chef Buddy Valastro, is a partnership with Robert Earl’s Virtual Dining Concepts. It will include some of the most loved cake flavors from Carlo’s Bake Shop such as rainbow and confetti cakes. Additionally, customers can order a slice of a fudge cake, red velvet, black and white fudge, and more! Currently, the cake slice will be available through a website and third-party delivery carriers.

Buddy V’s Cake Slice can be delivered to many cities for those who don’t wish to wait. Customers can place an order online through the website or download the app. The app is available for free on Google Play and Apple App Store. Customers can order their favorite cake online using this new service. Buddy Valastro can also be reached on Twitter and Instagram. A virtual cake delivery service is an excellent way to surprise loved ones by sending the perfect cake.

You can order a Buddy V’s Cake Slice online by entering your address. You can pay the delivery fee upfront, or subscribe to a plan. If you don’t mind paying the extra fee, you can order a few cake slices at a time. After you have chosen a delivery date, place the order and wait for your slice.

Buddy Carlo, a fourth-generation baker is passionate about his family’s bakery. His family of extended Italian relatives has always felt pride in baking. Since he was a natural-born people-person with an affinity for clever sound bytes, Buddy Carlo saw the potential for a show centered around his business. He pitched his idea to TLC, and was awarded the show!

The first Cake Boss, Buddy Sr., started his business following the tradition of his Sicilian forebears. He bought Carlo’s Bakery in 1963 from a Sicilian baker named Carlo Guastaffero. After running the bakery for over 25 years, he moved it to a more convenient location on Washington Street in Hoboken, which increased his customer base.

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