Builder Hall Level 6 Best Attack

Clash of Clans Builder Hall Level 6 Best Attack

You may be wondering which building to upgrade first when it comes to the Builder Hall level 6-best attack. This building will help you make the most of your resources. A higher clock tower can help you build more army camps. A level 6 spring tap can help you be more powerful against your enemies.

Compared to other base types, the best defence base for a builder hall level six has a special construction. It is surrounded by crushers on two sides of the base to discourage the enemy from moving. This base works well against minions, baby dragons, and air troops. It also defends against night witches and ground and air attacks.

If you’re trying to keep the Battle Machine from getting through your base, you can use splash damage. A Mega Mine or Multi Mortar can do a lot of damage, while a Mega Tesla can completely destroy it. Cannons and Double Cannons can be used to protect the Battle Machine. These can do a lot from afar. You can also build distraction buildings to distract the Battle Machine from attacking your defenses.

Using night witches is an effective attack strategy at Builder Hall level 6. You should upgrade her quickly as they are the best way to attack Builder Hall. They are also the best in melee battles. They are fast and can do high damage. The best attack strategy for a Builder Hall level six is to use your night witches, but only if you’re using a BH9 witch.

While you’re a new player, you should try to be patient and learn the basics of the game. This will make it easier to beat higher levels, and you’ll get more gold. This is also the best way you can level up your Builder Hall. If you’re having trouble, read the Clash of Clans guide for more information.

There are many ways to upgrade your Builder base. You can choose to upgrade the buildings in a specific order or go for a more aggressive approach. For example, upgrading your Town Hall first will increase your loot, and you’ll be able to progress faster. As you progress, you’ll unlock new defenses that you can use to keep your villager safe and healthy.

The Battle Machine was an attack added to the game by the level 6 builder hall update. It had a regeneration time of three to six minutes and could be enhanced by the Clock Tower. The ability animation of the Battle Machine was also improved. The regeneration time of the battle machine was a little too slow so it’s a better option for new players.

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