Cade Thompson Bigger Story

Cade Thompson – A Review of His Album Bigger Story

There are several singers that have taken the Christian music scene by storm. These artists are not afraid to speak the truth of life through music. One of these artists is Cade Thompson, who has been making waves since the release of his debut album, Bigger Story. Featuring songs that explore the drive for more, the drive to keep going, and the need for a fresh start, Thompson’s music helps listeners to expand their perspective on life.

Despite his young age, Thompson is an accomplished singer. He’s been featured on stages with such artists as TobyMac, Newsboys, We The Kingdom, and Michael W. Smith, and he’s also toured with Building 429 and Matthew West. His latest album is set for release in September of 2021. In addition to his albums, Thompson has also released several radio singles. Those include “The One,” which is a song from his upcoming sophomore album, 2023. Another song from the album, “Voices,” features r&b-flavored beats that orient itself back to the voice of God.

Another upbeat track on the album is the title track, “Bigger Story,” which reflects on the resurgence of faith. The lyrics proclaim that we’ve only started to taste the glory of God, and that we have more to come. It’s a good song that reminds us that God is with us through every step of our lives.

“Never Too Late” is another track on the album. This is an upbeat opener that has a catchy hook. The piano ballad serves as a call home that reminds listeners that grace is always available. When it feels like you’re never going to make it, remember that you are never too late to reach out to God.

“Source of Life” is the last single from the album. With a driving electric guitar, and a keyboard-driven groove, Thompson explores the concept of a new beginning. The song focuses on the fact that God provides more than we could ever imagine, and that a fresh start with him is a good idea. As a result, Thompson is able to ground himself in the Truth that God is good and that he loves us.

The music artist is a true talent, and the album is sure to please fans of the genre. With an enticing combination of church and contemporary styles, Thompson has the potential to take the Christian music scene by storm. Stream his music today and find out more about him and his ministry! By checking out his music, you’ll be able to get an exclusive preview of his upcoming full-length album. Whether you’re looking for a new album to add to your library or just want to learn more about a talented artist, the information provided on his website is a great place to start. You can also check out his latest video, which is a part of the album.

The songwriting on the album is impressive. From the opening line of the title track to the ending notes of the piano ballad, Thompson’s songs are rich in musical and lyrical details.

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