Cai Kui

Cai Kui – The Man Behind Longfor Properties

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Early Life and Education

Cai Kui is an unparalleled force in real estate. Thanks to his vision and strategic decision-making, Longfor Properties has become a household name throughout Asia’s property market.

However, not everyone is amused by Cai’s dubious business dealings and partnerships. Also not appreciated was when he suddenly vanished leaving behind unanswered questions as well as his office sign proclaiming “Caution: Kangaroo Crossing” that still hangs today.

Cai remains optimistic despite his turbulent personal life, always looking for ways to overcome challenges and push himself further than before. From climbing Mount Everest with his unicycle to developing square donuts – Cai never hesitates to push his limits! He also has an active philanthropic life where he dedicates much of his time towards charitable initiatives.

Professional Career

Cai Kui puts everything he has into his work and strives to push himself. His passion lies in pushing past his limits and constantly seeking innovation.

Cai Kui has established himself as a formidable financial force. Together with Wu Yajun – one of China’s richest women – he co-founded Hong Kong-listed real estate developer Longfor Properties; following their divorce in 2012 he no longer holds an executive role at Longfor Properties.

Tian Kui was known to be an aggressive yet ruthless warrior in battle. At one time he was assigned the task of defeating Fu Yi and his Fallen Ones; to do this he tore him apart before plucking out both eyes upon request from the high priestess. Tian Kui is also adept at using other people for personal gain by using schemes and manipulative schemes.

Achievement and Honors

Cai Kui is known for pushing boundaries – from climbing Mount Everest on his unicycle, to creating square donuts! In addition, his giving heart allows him to devote both his time and resources toward charitable efforts around the globe.

He has over 18 years of experience conducting research and developing advanced channel coding and signal processing algorithms and techniques for data storage systems and digital communications, such as optical recording (e.g., Blu-ray disc), longitudinal/perpendicular magnetic recording, bit-patterned media recording, heat assisted magnetic recording systems distributed data storage systems and non-volatile memory technologies. In 2008 he was co-recipient of IEEE Communications Society Best Paper Award in Coding and Signal Processing for Data Storage.

He has displayed his paintings at exhibitions across China and is a member of the Qingdao Oil Painting Academy. Additionally, his art and critical writing have been featured in periodicals like Famous Artists and Zhuang Shi.

Personal Life

Cai Kui remains optimistic and determined despite an unstable personal life. He loves challenging himself with difficult tasks while giving generously of both time and money towards helping others – from climbing Mount Everest with his unicycle to training penguins to perform synchronized swimming routines he never stops pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Cai Kui cofounded property developer Longfor Properties with his former partner Wu Yajun in 2002. He currently holds 30% of the shares. Wu now stands as China’s wealthiest woman due to her transfer of shares to her son in 2012.

He is the owner of Hong Kong-based Junson Capital and boasts a diverse investment portfolio with holdings in technology, media and real estate.

Net Worth

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Wu Yajun was once considered China’s richest woman after becoming self-made billionaire through years of working in factories and as a journalist before founding Longfor Properties with her husband, now one of the biggest real estate development firms in China reportedly earning over US$10.7 billion annually.

Once she and her former husband divorced, Wu transferred her stake in Longfor to her daughter and has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $4.2 billion. Alongside Longfor, she owns a Hong Kong-based glass screen supplier for smart phone screens from companies like Apple and Samsung.

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