Cardi B Eyebrow Piercing

Getting an eyebrow piercing has become a popular trend in recent seasons, and Cardi B has joined the ranks with her sultry, bejeweled brows. The singer showcased her new piercing in a video. She also showed off her makeup and winged eyeliner. The rapper wore a glossy lip and finger waves to give her a sensual look.

The rapper has several piercings including her chest and eyebrows. The top piercing is shaped like a head of a screw and the two other piercings look more like a sun. The oldest of the three is the one on her chest, and she posted a video of her experience on Instagram. The painful procedure, which took four days, was documented in the video. Offset stood beside her.

The rapper has been tattooing for a few weeks now, and the new piercing to her eyebrow was a popular way of starting the trend. She has credited tattoo artist Jamie Schene for her new look, and it’s likely she’ll wear it for the rest of her life. However, if you’re thinking about getting pierced, make sure you follow the steps carefully and don’t get the same mistake Cardi did.

Although piercing has gained popularity in the Western world, it’s still a relatively new style. Brow piercing was popularized only in the 1970s. Some people get eyebrow piercings in order to channel their favorite style icon. Others do it to express their uniqueness and toughness. A piercing can be a great way for women to express themselves if you want to be a badass.

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