Carla Daniels

Carla Daniels

Carla was beloved and revered by all who knew her for her radiant smile, infectious laughter and positive outlook on life. Carla loved bargain shopping and traveling – be it road trips, plane rides or her favorite form of transportation: cruise ships.

She has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to protecting the environment and has pioneered efforts worldwide to increase awareness of sea turtle conservation issues.

Early Life and Education

Carla has been featured in various news reports and online articles for her tireless efforts in raising awareness of sea turtle conservation issues. This activism has earned Carla recognition as an environmentalist on her island home of Curacao as well as garner much respect from both residents and tourists.

She was also a member of South Hempstead Baptist Church. Lakia Daniels survives her parents, her sisters Brenda Fickling-Christian and Renee Driskell; as well as nieces Brianna Christian and Kayla Christian as well as numerous nephews, grandnieces, and friends.

Wake Tech recently appointed her the inaugural Historically Underutilized Businesses Coordinator. As such, she collaborates closely with Facilities Design and Construction team members in identifying project bidding opportunities for HUB firms.

Professional Career

She began her career at Southwestern Bell in Amarillo, Texas as a directory assistant before transitioning into cord board long distance operator status and remaining with them for 32 years before retiring.

She brings an in-depth knowledge of Hispanic culture and language, along with being two-time young adult cancer survivor, to both her oncology work as well as contributions to OCHE.

She is dedicated to supporting Historically Underutilized Businesses, an area she finds inspiring. She thoroughly enjoys meeting people from various professions, learning from them and mentoring those she meets; crediting much of her success to team-building experiences gained in both high school and college sports teams. At present she serves as Wake Technical Community College in North Carolina’s HUB Coordinator position.

Achievement and Honors

Carla Daniels is one of the leading conservation activists in Barbados. She tirelessly works to raise awareness of sea turtle conservation issues on Barbados, and believes that education and awareness will lead people towards caring more about marine life.

Carla is an accomplished multi-instrumental folk singer/songwriter, boasting eight solo albums as well as multiple group efforts and compilations. Additionally, she’s part of the Denver Early Music Consort performing violin, viola da gamba and rebec.

Carla Daniels currently focuses her attention on supporting historically underutilized businesses (HUBs) and finding bid opportunities for them. Additionally, Carla belongs to several advocacy groups which support minority and women-owned firms. Carla currently resides on Spring Creek Hwy in Tallahassee but was previously located at Mountain Brush Ln and other addresses.

Personal Life

Carla is an accomplished classical/early music violinist who currently performs with Semplice, a Denver quartet that specializes in baroque music performed on period/replica instruments. Additionally, Carla has completed Book 4 of Suzuki Violin Pedagogy training and maintains her own private studio.

Bruce contends that Carla lacks the capacity to meet their children’s needs effectively. He points to Justin’s pre-school teacher’s testimony stating she showed little nurturing or care in Justin’s development, while further noting how his work commitments create a stable and predictable environment for their development.

Carla Daniels will be remembered by her children Leslie & Natalie Navidi; grandson Mason Daniels and granddaughter Gracie; as well as by many nieces, nephews and grandnieces and -nephews. A memorial service will take place locally shortly.

Net Worth

She earns an excellent living from acting, radio and television appearances as well as her cosmetics line called Lips by Carla. Carla lives with her family in a comfortable house. Carla tends to remain very private.

She enjoys traveling, spending time with her friends and practicing yoga during her free time. Additionally, she is an incredibly gifted dancer; beginning ballet classes at three years old before expanding to jazz and tap dancing styles as she got older.

Her early television work includes such hit shows as Saved by the Bell, Wonder Air, Doogie Hooser and Falcon Crest. She has since gone on to star in many popular films. She is an extremely gifted and successful actress; boasting beautiful features including an appealing face and hourglass figure.

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