Carol George

Carol George

Carol George is one of the greatest Western violinists in India and an award-winning performer who has graced all of India’s prestigious festivals.

She is a sought-after music teacher and professional performer in Bangalore, offering audiences an unforgettable experience.

Early Life and Education

Carol George was born on June 5, 1938 in Wenatchee, Washington and she was a loving wife and mother who dedicated herself to her family. Additionally, Carol enjoyed painting, reading and playing music.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Syracuse University, followed by her master’s in healthcare administration from Texas Woman’s University.

She currently holds a faculty position at George Fox University in Oregon and feels blessed to be part of an educational community that upholds Jesus’ teachings, encourages critical thinking, transforms practice and upholds justice.

Her research interests lie in clinical psychology, developmental psychology and attachment theory. Additionally, she has an expertise in retrospective cohort study and intensive care medicine; as such she has published over 80 papers on these topics.

Professional Career

Carol George’s professional journey began as a stenographer. Over the course of her career, she served the community through public relations and executive secretary positions at Sister Mary Trinity and Mercy Hospital in Fort Scott.

She then used her education and computer programming abilities to ascend to executive-level positions within the software industry. Her research interests span across educational and spiritual development, making her a renowned expert on adolescent literacy as well as internationalizing teacher education.

Her family was always her top priority, as she balanced work as a fulltime farmer’s wife and mother with extensive farm chores. On evenings and weekends she would help out with work on the animals or farm while cooking for her husband Skeet and three children Paula Ann, Daniel Ray and Dawna Kay.

Achievements and Honors

Carol George is an incredibly accomplished executive. Her professional achievements include managing a customer base of $10 million dollars and exceeding company objectives every single time.

She is renowned for her innovative use of social media to grow businesses. A self-starter and adept communicator, she prioritizes her team before anything else.

She believes in the power of collaboration and forming strong connections with clients, colleagues and vendors. To this end, she encourages innovation and implements new technology to increase efficiency and productivity. Her latest acquisition: a tablet computer which has transformed how she works and communicates – making life less stressful while still enabling her to stay at the top of her game.

Personal Life

Carol George lived a life filled with unconditional love and passion for her family and friends, always providing them with a secure foundation.

She was an enthusiastic cook and baker, eager to share her creations with everyone she encountered. Additionally, she enjoyed gardening, traveling and spending time with her friends.

Her life was full of adventure, and she and her husband Garry traveled the globe extensively. During one such journey to Mexico, she met so many Mexican families and formed lasting friendships with them.

In her later years, she pursued a career as a speech therapist. Her profession proved rewarding and she was well-liked by those around her. A truly special individual, she will be sorely missed by her three children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren; but her kindness and generosity will live on through time.

Net Worth

Net worth is the amount of money you own. It’s calculated by taking all your assets (cash, investments and retirement accounts) and subtracting any liabilities like outstanding loans or credit card debt.

Carol George is a television host and actress with an estimated net worth of $44.5 million. She has hosted various shows over the years, such as Loose Women and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

She is also an accomplished author, with her books Grow Your Own Veg and Gardeners World selling well in the marketplace.

She is the daughter of grocery magnate George Jenkins and currently serves as Chairperson of Publix Super Markets. Furthermore, she chairs Publix Super Markets Charities, a foundation which donates $25 million annually to nonprofit organizations helping children and the homeless.

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