Caster Jacks

Caster Jacks

Many wheeled trailer jacks rely on cheap caster wheels that cannot support much rolling weight; most advertised load ratings only apply when the jack is stationary!

Manufacturer of caster jacks. Products offered include scissor and screw jacks, long chassis service jacks and floor/transmission jacks.

Early Life and Education

Distributor of electric caster jacks, floor service jacks and scissor & screw jacks made in the United States. Our products offer an economical and practical method of stabilizing equipment such as work stations in areas where position locks cannot be applied. Their removable handle features a clutch that can be powered using non-impact hand drill (300rpm maximum speed) or air tool with square socket attachment; this clutch prevents overtorquing at its end stroke point while all metal parts exposed are zinc plated to prevent corrosion rust prevention; operational load capacities range between 500lb to 7,500lb depending on model model type.

Professional Career

There are various factors that can impede the performance of a caster jack, including its type and load, surface type it will work on, level of use/abuse it receives and its design quality. A quality caster jack should take these considerations into account during its creation process.

Service jacks designed to safely support 1G vertical and 1/2G side loads should typically be constructed of welded construction, cycle tested, and compliant with ASME PASE safety standards for service jacks. This will help ensure they operate without risk of damage or failure during their intended uses, which is particularly essential when dealing with heavy vehicles such as buses or other vocational vehicles.

Achievement and Honors

Jack ‘Wolfy’ Saunders won not only the Caster of the term competition, but also took home an Elgato Stream Deck and masterclass with Paul “Redeye” Chaloner as part of his prize package. Wolfy has become one of the premier solo casters known for his incredible solo casting at University of East Anglia-De Montfort University Spring Championship final.

Cpt Jack first rose to fame as part of Jin Air Stealths, making waves with his skillful use of Cleanse and Sivir’s Spell Shield summoner spells. Now part of team Incredible Miracle, Cpt Jack was selected as a replacement in 2015 LCK All-Stars replacement when losing to CJ Entus Blaze during playoff match-up; later adopting the moniker Cpt Jack in honor of an obscure game character he encountered along the way.

Personal Life

Carol enjoyed many hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, creating toothbrush rugs and word puzzles; playing pinochle, Texas hold’em and Nertz; as well as watching professional baseball and basketball games.

Jacks is undeniably attractive with a striking beauty that belies his ruthlessness and sharpness. His long, lean body boasts vivid silver-blue eyes.

Jacks makes a deal with Evangeline to prevent the marriage between her beloved boy and stepsister, and asks for three kisses from her in exchange. While reluctant at first, as it will alter history and she won’t even remember him afterwards; nonetheless she agrees. Jacks punishes her by forcing her to pretend be his fiance until Caraval ends and requiring her to recite ancient words that give him control of her emotions.

Net Worth

Caster is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $50K to $130K USD, living with her family in a comfortable house, owning a car, and holding onto other assets such as real estate. She has been dating Armani Jackson since 2020, often posting images of them together on her Instagram page.

Trailer jacks are used to raise the tongue of a trailer so it can connect to its hitch ball. When selecting one for use with your trailer, make sure it can hold its weight. Our selection of caster jacks resist corrosion while offering excellent maneuverability and performance – they make getting work done efficiently fast!

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