Cat Intruder Shoe

CAT Intruder Sneaker Review

In 1996, CAT Footwear first introduced the Intruder sneaker. Now, the sneaker has been updated with a new street-meets-performance upper and thick rubber outsole. Available in black and white, Urban Outfitters has stocked the sneaker in its stores. It also comes in a limited maroon colorway. Listed below are the details on the shoe. Learn more about the benefits of this sneaker.

Cat Footwear pioneered chunky trainers in the 1990s. The Intruder is one such first chunky trainer. The original silhouette is reflected in the shoe’s distinctive mesh and nubuck upper. The thick rubber platform outsole is also reminiscent of that silhouette. This shoe is a perfect combination of streetwear and performance. The Cat Footwear Intruder is an excellent street/performance hybrid.

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