Cecile Richards Net Worth

Cecile’s net worth can be traced to various revenue streams, such as her growing popularity on TikTok and modeling career. Cecile has worked hard and dedicated herself to her craft – two traits which have allowed her to achieve great success in her field.

She has served as President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America since early 2006. Additionally, she published her memoir about her life journey.

Early Life and Education

Cecile Richards grew up in a family deeply engaged in political activism. She became involved as a labor organizer for piece-of-cloth workers and janitors before helping her mother run for state legislature and later serving as deputy chief of staff to Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democratic Party in the US House of Representatives.

She graduated with her undergraduate degree from Brown University in 1980 and became a lawyer. Later she founded America Votes, becoming one of the foremost progressive political voices.

She is married to Kirk Richards and they share three children together. She resides in New York City. She played a key role in successfully opposing anti-abortion bills in Congress, and boasts an enormous following online.

Professional Career

Cecile Richards has become a national advocate for women’s rights, social and economic justice and reproductive health issues. Beginning her career as a labor organizer for service workers such as garment, nursing home and janitorial workers she later went on to start grassroots organizations of her own as deputy chief of staff to Nancy Pelosi before creating America Votes an organization which coordinates progressive issues.

She has earned many prestigious accolades and awards through her efforts. Additionally, her successful career has enabled her to amass an immense wealth. Through smart investments in various assets that diversify her portfolio and secure her financial future. As her career continues to advance, it is certain she will increase her net worth considerably in time.

Achievement and Honors

Cecile Richards is an esteemed political figure and activist known for her tireless advocacy on women’s rights for over three decades. Recognized by TIME magazine as one of their 100 Most Influential People worldwide, she currently sits on the board of Ford Foundation-a global private foundation committed to improving human welfare.

She is also the founder of America Votes, an organization focused on coordinating and advancing progressive issues. Prior to that she served as deputy chief of staff to Nancy Pelosi – Democratic leader in the House.

Her father, David Richards, was an accomplished attorney specializing in civil-rights lawsuits and labor union matters who made his mark with several landmark cases, such as an anti-voting rights suit that went all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Personal Life

Cecile Richards is an esteemed American activist and politician renowned for her outstanding activities worldwide. Through hard work and effort alone she has accomplished much in life.

She hails from Waco, Texas and currently stands 66 years old. Amongst many accomplishments and roles played, Planned Parenthood remains her signature cause.

Richards was actively engaged in politics during her teenage years, helping her mother campaign for Roe v. Wade attorney Sarah Weddington for Texas state legislature as she ran against Richards for that office herself.

Richards is married to Kirk Adams, a worker organizer with the Service Employees International Union. They have three children together; Lily Adams served as Tim Kaine’s press secretary before being assigned as communications counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Net Worth

Cecile Richards is an activist with an estimated net worth estimated at $6 Million. She is married to Kirk Adams, a labor organizer for Service Employees International Union. Together they have three children together – their eldest daughter Lily Adams served as Tim Kaine’s press secretary prior to working as communications adviser on Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign.

Richards has recently come under scrutiny due to a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood collecting fetal tissue. She earned $957,952 annually as of 2014; co-founding Supermajority; writing her memoir Make Trouble; stepping down as president of Planned Parenthood in 2018 to be succeeded by Leana Wen; founding America Votes to coordinate and promote progressive issues; etc.

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