Celebrities With Small S

Celebrities With Small S’s

When it comes to Hollywood celebs, celebrities with small s’s often get a bad rap. Although Miley Cyrus’s small S’s have been the subject of much media attention recently, it’s not always fair. Her free-spirited personality and dyed-blonde hair have sparked a new trend. Plus, she’s never had breast implants. So, how does she rock her small boobs?

Below are the most famous celebrity women with small “s”s. Whether you’re looking for a new love interest, a big-screen rom-com, or a cute teen flick, there’s a celebrity with small s’s to match. Actress Lily James has a 32B boob, and her boyish figure and sexy style make her one of the most attractive women on the red carpet.

Other celebrities with small s’s include Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. Kim Kardashian, who is barely five feet tall, and her sister Kourtney barely breaks the five-foot mark while wearing heels. In Hollywood, Woody Allen’s leading ladies, Clare Grant and Seth Green, tower over the petite Reese Witherspoon. These are just a few examples of women who look better naked.

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