Celebrity Ooops

How to Deal With a Celebrity Ooops

We’ve all seen celebrities do it in public, but how many have we actually experienced one? There are many ways to deal a wardrobe malfunction. Celebrities have been known to make some fashion mishaps, but the best way is to simply laugh it off and move on. Some celebrities can’t shake embarrassing moments and freeze up. You’ve probably heard stories of Jon Voight spilling dirty secrets about his children.

Fashion mistakes can go beyond wardrobe malfunctions. While many of our favorite pop stars have been caught flailing their arms during public appearances, sometimes it is hilarious. Take, for example, Miley Cyrus’s delicate top, which broke during a performance in Las Vegas. To fix the issue, the singer popped backstage and changed into a blazer. These photos are great for keeping up to date with what your favorite celebs are wearing.

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