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Cemari Daniels, 20, Arrested on Charge of Second-Degree Murder

DECEMBER 12, 2022

Family and friends present have had an arduous day in the gallery. They have given notes to the judge asking him or her to view various pieces of evidence.

Cemari Daniels was arrested Oct. 12 after DNA and other evidence confirmed his role as the shooter responsible for fatally shooting two West Palm Beach teenagers on Sept. 24.

Early Life and Education

Eleanor Daniel was born and raised in a midwestern rural community. Her mother was a Christian education minister who supported Eleanor’s spiritual interests; her father did not make a confession of faith. Eleanor attended a one-room schoolhouse, excelling academically primarily through reading and mathematics studies.

After graduating, she served as Christian education minister at Buchanan Church of Christ (Buchanan, Michigan) before teaching at Midwest Christian College in Lincoln Illinois. Later, she pursued graduate work at the University of Illinois to obtain her Master’s in Educational Psychology.

In 1979 she accepted a position as Professor of Christian Education at Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary (now Emmanuel School of Religion). She played an integral part in helping CBC&S earn its long sought after regional accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Achievement and Honors

Hayley Ash was honored to earn a minimum of 12 credit hours with a grade point average of 4.0 in Fall 2022, earning her place on the President’s List and Honor Roll. Other students honored are Hayley Ash, Kami Coffman, Darren Duckworth, Ethan Colbert, D’Trevius Daniels, Brooklyn Dryden Shelby Fields Gabriel Fountain III Caden Howell Dakota Gardner Adia Grant Annastasia Harlow Glen Helmes Carlee Keene JaTori Maxwell Carlee Keene JaTori Maxwell Carlee Keene JaTori Maxwell Carlee Keene Carlee Keene JaTori Maxwell Carlee Keene JaTori Maxwell Austin Perry Christen Phillips Daniel Proffer Daniel Proffer Amaijaah Smith Kelly Spears Khayrah Steward Chandlor Stromire Elizabeth Surface Shaniah Word Kenyesses Willis willis be in 2022.

Daniels received the Daniels Leadership Award from the University of Denver in spring 2021 along with Crystal Murillo and Steve Saavedra, which recognizes alumni who exemplify the principles and ideals of Daniels College of Business as well as DU by engaging with current students, speaking at events or engaging in philanthropy activities.

Personal Life

After more than 10 months of investigation, police believe they have solved the shooting death of an 18-year-old West Palm Beach resident through witness statements, surveillance-camera footage and cell phone data. On Monday evening, Cemari Daniels (20), was charged with second degree murder related to this December 8 shooting outside his apartment complex.

Authorities believe Daniels met Smith and another teenaged male on Instagram and convinced them they would go shoot guns with another person who has yet to be charged with anything.

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