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Chanel Miller is an American Writer, Author and Artist who first gained national prominence when she raised her voice against Stanford student Brock Allen Turner for sexual assault.

Her impact statement went viral and was eventually recognized as Glamour Woman of the Year anonymously in 2016. After being recognized, she eventually ended her anonymity and released her memoir Know My Name in 2019. Now living in San Francisco with Lucas as well as fostering senior rescue dogs.

Early Life and Education

Chanel Miller is an American author best known for her memoir Know My Name: A Memoir which became an international best seller. Thanks to this achievement she has become a household name globally.

Chanel Miller attended a party hosted by Kappa Alpha fraternity on Stanford University campus and met Brock Turner, a freshman on a swimming scholarship, there. They got along well and enjoyed drinking beers together.

Miller was sexually assaulted by Turner shortly thereafter and wrote and presented her victim impact statement at his sentencing hearing the following year, where she was referred to by both court documents and media reports as Emily Doe until September 2019. Miller wrote her memoir Know My Name to document her story of survival.

Professional Career

Chanel Miller, an accomplished author who graduated from Gunn High School and earned a Bachelor’s in Literature, is currently working on her second book. Additionally, Chanel enjoys reading avidly as well as traveling extensively.

Her debut book, Know My Name, recounts her account of sexual assault at Stanford University by freshman Brock Turner on a swimming scholarship; he was found guilty on three felony charges of sex crimes against her but only received three months imprisonment for each count.

She found it difficult to reveal her experience to family and friends for fear of upsetting their lives, keeping the incident a secret for years until finally being forced out into the open with her case.

Achievement and Honors

Chanel Miller is an accomplished writer who has accomplished much in her career. She has made an outstanding contribution to society and inspired many with her writing abilities. Chanel Miller quickly achieved this level of success and now is recognized for her talent as a writer.

Miller first came into prominence as Emily Doe, the Stanford University student raped by Brock Turner in 2015. Her victim impact statement made headlines around the world via Buzzfeed and helped prosecutors achieve a stricter sentence for Brock Turner. Glamour magazine honored Miller with their 2016 Woman of the Year honor as well as publishing her memoir Know My Name shortly thereafter.

This book has received universal acclaim and become a New York Times bestseller, garnering it the 2019 National Book Critics Circle Award in Autobiography.

Personal Life

Chanel Miller has achieved great success and become an inspirational role model to many young people. She has encouraged them to pursue their goals without giving up and has worked hard towards reaching this level.

Brock Turner sexually assaulted her on January 18, 2015. She hails from America of white ethnicity; her parents are May May and John Turner (retired therapy specialist), respectively; she grew up in Palo Alto, California as a Christian with her birth date on 12 June 1992 and currently works as an author and philanthropist.

Net Worth

Chanel Miller made waves when she spoke out against Brock Allen Turner for sexual assault at Stanford. Since then, her actions have inspired millions worldwide and her book Know My Name remains popular today.

On January 17, 2015, Miller was living with her parents and working at a startup when she attended a party at Kappa Alpha fraternity on Stanford campus – there she met Brock Turner, a freshman swimmer for Stanford Swim Team.

Later, she provided testimony in his trial and witnessed as his legal team attempted to discredit and undermine her testimony. Like Christine Blasey Ford, she also felt powerless against an unfair justice system.

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