Chanel West Coast Instagram

How Much Is Chanel West Coast Worth?

Chanel West Coast made headlines recently when she posted an Instagram photo of her bootylicious bikini. After the post was reported, it was removed and then she republished it, angering many. However, the photo was later reposted, and now Chanel is defending herself against the trolls who reported her. The fashion designer is not the only one who has suffered from negative feedback on Instagram.

In addition to her influence on fashion, Chanel has a huge following on social networks, including Instagram. Her fan base is estimated to be 3.44 million. Net Worth Spot calculated her net worth, although it is not clear how much she makes from Instagram. The social media star is valued at $15.7 million. It would be helpful to see how her net worth compares to other fashion influencers to see whether her popularity is warranted.

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