Chanel West Coast

How to Choose the Perfect Shade of Chanel West Coast

The hottest thing in Hollywood right now is the hottest celebrity, and the hottest new face in town is Chanel West Coast. The brand’s new makeup line features several shades from this American singer, rapper, and TV personality. Read on to discover what the latest line of makeup is all about. This makeup line has been praised a lot, but how do you wear it best? Here’s how you can choose the perfect shade for chanel West Coast.

Chelsea Chanel Dudley is known professionally as Chanel West Coast. She is a singer and actress. She first rose to fame after appearing on MTV’s Fantasy Factory and now boasts over 3 million Instagram followers. Dudley began singing lessons at age seven and was inspired by Tupac Shakur. She dreamed of becoming an artist. After a few years in the music industry, she made her first appearance in a reality TV show, and soon became friends with Rob Dyrdek. She appeared in many episodes of “Fantasy Factory” where she gained a lot of followers.

Chanel West Coast is a veteran actor despite her success in music. She has appeared in many films and TV shows. Her most well-known role was as Sheila, a receptionist on “Hard Times of RJ Berger”. From 2012 to 2015, she lent her voice as Flipz on the hit show ‘Wild Grinders.

Chanel West Coast was born in Los Angeles and attended Taft High School. After two years of study, she dropped out from high school. She was home-educated and rapped her way into fame. She was inspired by Tupac Shakur’s song, “How Do You Want it”, and began her career in hip hop. Chanel West Coast met Rob Dyrdek, her idol, when she was just 20 years old. After graduating from high school, she began working with him on his TV reality show ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory’ and was able to get a chance to work with his production team.

Despite her lack of mainstream success, Chanel West Coast is far from a household name. The rapper and TV personality rose in fame on MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and was also a co-host on ‘Ridiculousness. She had previously signed with Young Money Entertainment, which was mentored by Lil Wayne. However, the show did not last long.

Due to production issues, Chanel West Coast’s debut studio album has been delayed for four years. The band released singles throughout the year and will release their debut full-length album on October 23rd, 2020. The band previously dated Scottish singer Liam Horne. While their relationship did not last long, the music is still a hit, and it was an unexpected surprise when Chanel West Coast announced her separation from him in 2014.

Aside from her successful career as a DJ, West Coast is also a devoted fan of hip-hop. Her childhood passion for skateboarding earned her a lot fame and connections to some celebs. The website bio for Chanel West Coast states that the starlet was “immersed in hip-hop culture before she even had the opportunity to pursue it professionally.”

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