Charity Thome’s

Charity Thome’s Civil Rights Lawsuit Heads to Trial

Civil rights lawsuit against Pennsylvania State Police troopers who fatally shot Charity Thome in March 2020 is scheduled for trial. It alleges officers Jay Splain and Matthew Haber used excessive deadly force and were not justified to do so.

According to police reports, Thome refused to pull over her vehicle when Officer Ryan Haase attempted to stop her and caused an increase in tension when Splain and Haber joined in chasing after her car.

Early Life and Education

Charity Thome was raised in Richland, Pennsylvania before attending Oberlin College where he graduated with honors in Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. Additionally, he wrote several plays as well as a book on “The Future of Freed People.”

In 2020, he moved into a home in Lebanon County. On May 16th of that same year he hit his 443rd career home run at USF St Francis Medical Center in Peoria Illinois. Additionally he is very charitable person who has donated generously to numerous charitable causes.

In 2021, Charity Thome’s estate filed a civil suit against state police officers Jay D. Splain and Matthew Haber for acting unjustifiably when they shot her; according to them she accelerated toward their cruiser and ignored commands to stop.

Professional Career

Charity Thome was shot dead along a rural road near Myerstown in Lebanon County early on March 16, 2020 after she deliberately collided with an occupied police vehicle during a high-speed pursuit. State police allege she disobeyed orders to exit her vehicle and instead continued driving toward North Lebanon Township officer’s cruiser, according to State police reports.

Thome was killed when Officer Ryan Haase and two state troopers, Jay Splain and Matthew Haber fired their firearms into her Honda Accord. Attorneys for Thome’s estate allege the shooting was unwarranted.

Thome made his professional debut with the Cleveland Indians as a third baseman in 1989, eventually rising through their ranks to first base and leadoff hitter – hitting over 500 homers over 16 seasons there. Additionally he spent time with Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers; though back problems limited his role later on.

Achievement and Honors

Charity Thome has earned numerous accolades and honors for her efforts both on and off the field. In 2002 she was selected as winner of the Roberto Clemente Award, given annually to baseball players who combine outstanding skills on the field with dedication to community service. Thome is particularly dedicated to children’s hospitals in Peoria; additionally she served as honorary co-chairman of a softball tournament that raised over $200k for United Way of Central Illinois’ youth programs.

Thome also sits on the board of Musial Foundation, an award for sportsmanship that recognizes individuals. Additionally, she has made donations to Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery research as well as Steve Palermo Chapter of National Paralysis Foundation.

Personal Life

Thome was widely respected as one of the greatest first basemen in baseball history and also an active participant in numerous charitable causes throughout his career and after retirement from professional ball.

Charity Thome of Richland, Pennsylvania was shot to death by state police officers along a rural road in Lebanon County on March 16, 2020. Thome had recently been evicted from her home and was suspected of breaking back in. Local police officer Ryan Haase pursued Thome and requested assistance from troopers at Jonestown barracks – Jay Splain and Matthew Haber were dispatched immediately to the scene to render assistance.

Video footage shows Thome disregarding officers’ commands, driving her car toward Haase’s cruiser at an increased pace, with Splain and Haber firing multiple rounds at her vehicle which struck it multiple times.

Net Worth

Jim Thome earned an enormous net worth during his years playing Major League Baseball for various teams. Using his fame and fortune for good causes, such as working to close down Sterigenics plant which released carcinogenic chemicals into surrounding communities. Together with Andrea he used these resources for good.

He and his wife have leveraged their power and influence to aid those in their community, using both money and fame to save hundreds or even thousands of lives.

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