Charlie Hunnam Push Up

Charlie Hunnam Push Up Workout

As part of his fundraising efforts for 22Kill, the actor has been doing push-ups for over a week. He claims to do more than 1,000 push ups a day, though that number has dwindled over the course of filming King Arthur. The actor has also said that he does less than a thousand a day, especially after a long day on set. Charlie also takes a half hour break between push-ups.

In addition to pushing himself, Charlie Hunnam does a lot of cardio on his rest days. He might use traditional gym equipment or go for a run or cycle through his neighborhood. Every Wednesday, Charlie works his entire body with push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and other bodyweight exercises. He rests for five mins, then does the same workout again. After three rounds, he repeats his entire routine.

Charlie Hunnam kept his body in shape after he lost significant weight for the remake. He had to gain muscle mass in order to play the role of Jackson Teller on the hit television series Sons of Anarchy. For the title role in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, he gained over 100 pounds. His dedication paid off.

Charlie Hunnam’s workout focuses on both building large muscles and small ones. To improve flexibility and endurance, the actor also uses bodyweight movements and stretches. Charlie Hunnam’s workout regimen is not difficult to follow, but it requires a lot of dedication. Charlie Hunnam will share his workout routine with you and help you get results as soon as possible once your training has begun.

Charlie Hunnam loves old-school workouts. While many celebrities rely on personal trainers to maintain their bodies, Charlie Hunnam has a strict workout routine based on his own principles. By incorporating some of the same exercises as his training partner, Charlie Hunnam is able to maintain his six-pack. His physique is impressive but he warns his followers to avoid unhealthy food.

This exercise routine is different than a regular gym workout and is suitable for all fitness levels. It can be performed at home, at an outdoor fitness center, or even at a park, provided it has a monkey bar, pull-up bars, or parallel bars. He even has his own foam roller. You can replicate Charlie Hunnam’s food, but you will want to eat the exact same food.

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