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My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Chase Severino Is Expecting A Child With Another Woman

A couple of weeks after he and his former fiance, Whitney Way Thore, split, Chase Severino revealed that he was expecting a child with another woman. At first, fans thought that this was part of a ratings ploy. However, he later shared photos of their baby girl, Aurora Joyce Severino.

While Chase’s baby mama was not disclosed on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, she was identified through baby registries on Amazon. She has since gone by the name Sara Jackson. The ring she wears on her left hand is not the ring she wore before, as it is a much bigger version. Her previous ring was plain looking, so it looks like a major upgrade to her finger.

Chase and Whitney broke up in May of this year, and he and his new fiancee, Sara Jackson, are already parents to daughter Aurora Joyce Severino. Fans will be able to see a glimpse of the engagement on the upcoming season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Despite the fact that fans are not allowed to comment on their relationship on the show, Sara Jackson has shared her private life on social media. She has previously posted pictures of her ring on her left hand. In October, she posted a ring that was a different style than her previous ring.

Since then, Sara and Chase have been traveling together to Jamaica. They have stayed in the same hotel. The photos have been spread across social media. Some fans even speculate that the couple is engaged. Other fans claim that it’s all fake. Luckily, Sara has requested to remain anonymous.

Although many fans feel that there are some aspects of the show that are untrue, Whitney Way Thore has stood up for the show and has denied any allegations that it’s fake. This shows that she is not as cruel as her critics.

Before they were married, Chase Severino and Whitney Way Thore were together for several years. They met at a restaurant and dated for a while. After a few months, he proposed to her in Paris. But, Chase said that it was “too soon” for him to get married. He cheated on her during their engagement.

When the pair decided to split, fans started trolling them. Chase’s DMs were filled with negative comments, and some fans took to social media to accuse him of cheating. Eventually, the pair ended up in a breakup and announced it on Instagram.

However, in November, Chase popped back onto My Big Fat Fabulous Life and revealed that he was now engaged to Sara. During the Season 7 finale, his engagement party was shown. And the following month, he and Sara welcomed a second child, Maddox.

On the other hand, Thore has spoken out against people who trolled her and Chase Severino. Despite the negative sentiments, she has also stated that the show has undergone some editing. According to her, the producers try to give viewers an excellent television experience.

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