Add Volume to Your Cheek Area With Injections of Voluma

The cheek is the soft fleshy area of the face between the eyes and the ear. It can also mean something resembling a cheek, and its position and shape are closely related to those of a human being. The phrase “cheek by jowl” refers to the fact that the cheek is comprised of two parts, one on either side of the nose. The slang term cheekbyjowl should not be confused with “cheecks,” meaning “two cheeks”.

The superior portion of the cheek is occupied by the masseter, which is the largest muscle in the cheek. The orbicularis oculi, which stretches the eyelids, demarcates the medial contour of the cheek, and the zygomaticus minor and major contribute to the middle cheek region. The frontal region, which is mainly composed of the cheeks, has a few of these muscles missing.

Although the prevalence of dimples can vary, there is no definitive reason why a child gets them. Your chances of developing cheek dimples may be affected by genetic factors. If your mother has dimples, it is more likely that you will have them as a child. Dimples are not considered a birth defect.

Injections of Voluma are another way to add volume to your cheeks. Voluma is a specialized gel that is injected into the cheek area. This procedure restores the natural suppleness and elasticity of your cheeks. By enhancing the volume of your cheeks with this procedure, your face instantly looks younger and more defined. The Voluma injection can also add a youthful and firm look to your face.

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