How Do You Use the Word Cheek?

Cheeks are the fleshy side of the face, between the ear and the nose. Its name is related to the word jowl, which means two pieces attached together. If you are rude or disrespectful to someone, you can use the word cheek to indicate this. You can also use the word cheek to apologize. But how do you use this word? Here are some examples.

Cheek dimples could be caused by an inherited variation in the structure and function of facial muscles. However, the exact mechanism behind them is not known. Although the general idea of a genetic component is unclear, many people find cheek dimples attractive. Cheek dimples are usually caused by a change in the zygomaticus major muscle, which helps lift the corners of the mouth when you smile. This muscle normally starts at the zygomatic bone and runs downward to connect to the corner of the mouth.

The cheeks contain a lateral portion called the parotid gland, which contributes to their fullness. It also secretes digestive enzymes into the oral cavity. The ectoderm is also found in the lateral region. Cheek tissue is usually a deep shade of pink. The skin on the cheeks can be either textured or smooth. It could have hair, but it is rare.

The cheeks are supported by several bones, which form the bony structure in the cheek. The superior cheek is occupied by the masseter muscle, while the zygomaticus major and orbicularis minor muscles are located in the middle of the cheek. The mandibular bone also contributes to the lateral bony region. These three muscles are essential for facial expressions. They play a crucial role in the development of the cheeks and their functioning.

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