Chiara Ferragni Leone Lucia Age

Chiara Ferragni and Leone Lucia Ferragni

Leone Lucia Ferragni was born to Chiara Ferragni on March 19, 2018, in Los Angeles. Born a Pisces, the young man is the first child of fashion designer Chiara Ferragni and rapper Fedez. He’s not the first child to make his fashion debut and was featured on his mother’s Instagram for the first time.

Leone Lucia Ferragni’s zodiac sign is Pisces, making him a highly emotional individual. Pisces, a Water sign is compassionate and selfless. Pisces was born in the Year for the Dog, which is a sign that is loyal but can also be prone to mood swings. Dogs are loyal to their owners, but they are known for having difficulty finding a partner. Her zodiac sign makes her an excellent choice for partners, but her zodiac sign does not match hers.

Leone Lucia has not yet announced her birth date, but she has posted photos of her adorable son and her mother on Instagram. The couple live in Milan and Los Angeles. Chiara Ferragni has over five million followers on Instagram, and her husband, Federico Lucia, is an Italian rapper. The Ferragni family is well-known for being active on social media and not reserving their opinions on political issues.

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion blogger and entrepreneur. She has been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list three times and is known for her popular fashion blog, “The Blonde Salad.” Her e-book “The Blonde Salad” was published in 2013.

Chiara Ferragni is approximately 55 kgs. She is five feet ten inches tall. Blue eyes are hers. Her hair color is natural blond, though she has experimented with different colors. Her hair has been red, peach, and honey blonde. Chiara Ferragni is a 32A bra size, size 2 dresses and size 8.5 shoes size 8. Her chest-waist-hip measurements are 34.

Chiara Ferragni studied law at Bocconi University in Milan. She was not finished with her degree. New York Magazine named her one of the “breakout street style stars of the year”

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