Choo Thomas

Choo Thomas – A Simple, Down-To-Earth Korean American

Choo Thomas died at 74 on April 13, 2013. She is best-known for her book Heaven Is So Real and converted to Christianity in 1992, proclaiming to have visited heaven multiple times alongside Jesus.

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Early Life and Education

Choo Thomas was raised as an only daughter of nonreligious parents. In 1992 she converted to Christianity and two years later reported seeing Jesus. Thomas later wrote the best-selling book Heaven Is So Real!, published by Creation House and Charisma Media; it sold over one million copies worldwide and has been translated into more than 60 languages. According to Thomas’ account of things, God told her through her book that at least a million lives would be saved; after her death on April 13, 2013 she joined Jesus.

Personal Life

Choo Thomas was a humble Korean American who loved Jesus with all her heart. She lived a modest life with her husband and two children until inspired to write Heaven Is So Real, which has touched thousands of lives around the world and been translated into over 60 languages. Sister Thomas passed away peacefully on April 13, 2013 in her Lord’s care.

Thomas became a Christian in 1992 and, two years later, claimed to have seen Jesus. She believed He told her to document her experiences and publish them into the best-selling Heaven Is So Real! published by Creation House/Charisma Media; its Spanish version won the Harold Kregel 2008 Book of the Year Award.

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