Christina Brady Marrying Millions

Tom Brady and Mary Beth Brady Working Through Their Marital Problems

Despite being a member of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady is not as ubiquitous as his illustrious brother Joe. The former QB is rumored to have had a hand in some rather nefarious activities, and in fact was accused of shady dealings by his teammates in the early ’90s. But despite this, he managed to remain a top-tier player and a perennial MVP candidate in the AFC.

Tom and his wife Mary Beth are reportedly working through their marital problems. While they are not getting a divorce anytime soon, it appears as though the chemistry between the two of them is at best a work in progress. A cursory glance at the news articles section of the internet will reveal that the two of them are indeed on a plethora of social media sites. But, the good news is that they are still very much in touch. A recent Twitter exchange indicates that they are still talking about the big picture. But, that does not mean that they are not on each other’s backs. They are also still very much in touch in the real world.

Tom and his wife are certainly not the only high-flying NFL players who are currently navigating the treacherous waters of the real world. It is not uncommon for an NFL superstar to have a sextortion problem, and while there are plenty of stories to tell of the NFL’s biggest stars in the locker room, it’s clear that Tom and Mary Beth have had their share of ups and downs in their relationship. The aforementioned sextortion is reportedly the only real stumbling block, and as such, both athletes are doing their best to keep their ids intact.

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