Christopher Phelon Algona Iowa

Christopher Phelon, 32, Killed His Two Sons in Algona, Iowa, Last July

Christopher Phelon, the accused, is accused of shooting his two sons, Logan (6 years old) and Seth (3 years old), in Algona (Iowa) last July. The shooting took place at eight o’clock in the evening. It was ruled a murder, but the investigation continues. Their father was also shot in the head and died from his gunshot wounds. Police are investigating whether the shooting was an intentional act or a suicide attempt.

According to a police report Christopher Phelon murdered his sons while they were asleep. The children were 6 and three-years-old, respectively. Christopher Phelon (32-year-old) was found dead in the home. The family is still grieving and trying to figure out how the shooting took place. They believe the killer, Christopher Phelon, was acting in self-defense.

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